What is the basis of any variety of coffee?

It is difficult to give an exact number of coffees. There is a misconception that there are two main varieties of coffee – Robusta and Arabica. But it's not coffee and varieties of coffee trees. Arabica and Robusta – two of the most popular species of coffee trees that are grown on an industrial scale. The fruits of these trees creates a variety of varieties of coffee.

Arabica gives the drink a unique aroma, Robusta makes it invigorating because of the large concentrations of caffeine. Arabica grains have an elongated shape and a smooth surface. The higher above sea level it grows the coffee tree, the more expensive it results. Robusta beans are round and grayish-green or light brown color.

There is the less known species of a coffee tree liberica. Its grains are fairly low quality, so they are almost never used to create varieties of coffee.

The most famous coffees

Manufacturers often call coffees by country of origin.

From beans grown in Africa, popular varieties of Ethiopia and Kenya. Ethiopia has a delicate floral aroma, Kenya has a distinct hint of citrus.

Varieties originating in Central and South America: Colombia – with a hint of plum and light acidity; Costa Rica- with a tart flavor and persistent aroma; Brazil – with a slight bitterness and pleasant aroma; Guatemala – tart, rich coffee with a hint of smoke; Nicaragua – with a pleasant aftertaste; Honduras – with a pronounced flavor; Nicaragua Maragogype – with the largest grains and unusual taste.

The most famous varieties from Indonesia: Sumatra – coffee intense flavor with a hint of spice; Java – with a spicy rich flavor and low acidity; Sulawesi – with a thick bright taste and acidity.

The taste of coffee is also affected by roasting. At Vienna roast, the drink will have a slight bitterness. When French roasted coffee will be bitter, creamy taste. With a full-bodied drink with a pronounced bitterness obtained from the bean of Italian roast.

Rare varieties of gourmet coffee

Avstraliyskie, exotic coffee varieties, delivered with the edge of the world.

Yemen Matari coffee with a rich flavor and chocolate aftertaste. This variety is very rare and prestigious.

Galapagos is a rare coffee of the highest quality, produced in small quantities on the island of San cristóbal.

Ecuador Vilcabamba – extremely soft coffee with a unique flavor.

Monsod of the Malabar monsoon coffee Vysokoe quality, special taste.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the most expensive and rare varieties in the world.

Kopi Luwak - coffee with a mild, delicate flavor. This is one of the most expensive exotic varieties.

Buy coffee beans – they are an indicator of the quality of the product. Fresh quality coffee has a buttery aromatic whole grain without chipping.