A criminal case can be closed on the basis of article 24 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation. This article provides that to stop the case in the absence of event and crime. The investigation may be terminated if the Statute of limitations of criminal prosecution or in case of death of the suspect or the accused. The case may not have your investigation continue if there is no statement of the victim.
Criminal proceedings must be discontinued if till the moment the sentence comes into force a new law that revokes the adopted resolution. Also the whole process is terminated if terminated the criminal prosecution of all suspects or defendants.
In article 25 of the code of criminal procedure stated that a criminal case may be terminated if the fact of reconciliation of the parties. To do this, the individual must write a statement about the termination of criminal proceedings. But beyond that, need the consent of the Prosecutor.
On the basis of article 27 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation business can be terminated in the case where an accused or a suspect is innocent to the crime. Also, the base may be an act of Amnesty or by the presence of the accused or suspect is already in force verdict in the same case.
A criminal case should be dismissed if the defendant or suspect is under the age at which he may be prosecuted. It can also be a mental illness.
Termination of criminal proceedings may be made at the hearing on the basis of article 254 of the code of criminal procedure, when the Prosecutor refuses the charges. Also in cases which are of a private nature, the process can be terminated when the victim fails to appear without good reason.