When in the house there live some animals, owners are starting to feed them the same food. Owners of small dogs prefer to purchase a portion of cat food. Especially taste preferences Pets can be amazing: get a product designed for cats, barking four-legged friend will require for Breakfast. But veterinarians urge a balanced and attentive to the issues of formation of the diet of your Pets.

Specifics of food for four-legged friends

Different brands of food designed for cats, different in composition, but has a number of common features that distinguish it from food for the dogs.

Protein component is the more important, as the need of the cat's body in amino acids higher (often should Supplement the sulfonic acid taurine, which does not correspond to the needs of the dog).

Mass fraction of fat is more, as in the process of metabolism in cats (unlike dogs) do not synthesize arachidonic acid, and triglyceridemia acid are for cats additional source of energy.

If the dog will accept the cat food, she has the risk to gain weight.

Less cereals and carbohydrates (high levels can cause malfunctions in functioning of the digestive system of cats), a dog's diet also implies greater energy content of the carbohydrate component.

Enriched with b vitamins (for dogs designed a somewhat different scheme of fortification) involved in the processes of energy metabolism, synthesis and breakdown of amino acids obtained from protein.

To feed a dog cat food?

And graceful cats, and loyal dogs have long dwell near humans and seem in many respects very similar. But their way of life and physiological processes have significant differences.

Cat food always has a high fat content and nutritional value, so dog and I love him.

Varies comfortable the diet the animals for optimal health enough two meals a day, and the cat must eat more often, but little by little, in connection with high blood glucose, eating more calories. The constant eating energy cat meals can lead to dog obesity.

Moreover, a high proportion of the protein component increases the risk of ketonization kidneys, it can affect the ears (risk of otitis media), eyes (redness and discomfort), skin (rash). And among the most frequent consumers of cat food — the dogs of small size— possible allergic reactions of all kinds.

Can be a bit to feed the dog food for cats, but in exceptional cases.

Thus, for constant feeding it is better to use the profile feed, adding to the diet of freshly prepared pet meals. At the same time, veterinarians have noted that serious health problems may result only regular and constant use of alien food.