Stylish and fashionable are two very different concepts. Many women confuse these words or replace one another. The fact that the style and fashion direction is completely different. Fashion way do not all seem stylish and stylish clothing is not necessarily taken from the last show. The concept of style includes a well-groomed lady, tasteful clothes, natural makeup. The image should be harmonious and elegant, disarming her femininity and perfection.

The style begins, of course, from the inside. It is an innate sense of good taste. For those who cannot confidently assert the existence of such internal control will fit the following recommendations.

A stylish way, if to consider thoroughly, begins with well-chosen underwear. Currently, the natural beauty is at a premium, so it's best to remove from linen (lining). "Natural" is recommended when selecting colors. It is best to stay calm and plain models, without vulgar brightness, or animal colors. The bra should not create and support the chest, hiding her intimate parts from others. Perfect fit panties from the point of view of medicine and aesthetics, shorts. Material linen "breathes", and therefore, the best way to stop your natural tissues.

Clothing should be selected based on its social status and character. Every thing should be well for you to sit, without causing discomfort, as well as emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding the body. Do not blindly chase fashion, or copy celebrities. Many of the images of stars are puzzling the majority of designers. Your image – your personality, which must be carefully emphasized.

Shoes pick, above all, comfortable. Not all fit high heel or a stiletto, it is necessary to compromise between beauty and comfort. And believe me, it's possible. In the end, the heels can be replaced by a platform.

Accessories be especially careful. The style rules created by Chanel, I advise you to stick to minimalism. Jewelry should complement the image, not distract all the attention.