Fishing Donu

Ideal is fishing on the don in fall and spring. That's when the river comes a fish that goes to the cabin or to the spawning grounds. The most common fish in the lower reaches of the don are considered to be carp and Sabel (as the local fishermen called bleak). Typically, the nozzle is taken maggot.

Especially good here fishing for carp, the number of which in recent times has increased dramatically due to the reduction of predatory fish and fertility of the carp. Of the more rare fish you can take IDE, ASP and Chub, Chub although better fish closer to the sea of Azov or in the tributaries of the don. But the most desired catch for the fisherman may be catfish, which descends almost to the bottom of the river, so to catch it better from a boat.

Tsimlyanskoe reservoir

Just a fact that in the Tsimlyanskoe reservoir 10 flows into rivers, suggests that its fauna is very rich, she has more than forty different types of fish. The most numerous inhabitants of the Tsimlyansk reservoir is a roach, carp, bream, Rudd and carp. Coastal wetlands are hiding the predatory pike and perch. But to catch a perch or catfish, will have to try much.

In addition, if you are going fishing here, it must be remembered that fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir is very specific. Due to the huge area of water it is best to use a boat that needs to be adjusted based on the strength of the flow, the wave height and the depth of the reservoir. In these spaces the inflatable watercraft may be a disservice.

Fever from Novocherkassk GRES

Fever the locals call a warm water channel that was artificially created to cool the turbines of the power station. It constantly resets the warm water from the Novocherkassk GRES. This is the most favorite place for winter and year-round fishing fishermen Rostov region. Here there are perch, bream, perch, carp, pike, silver carp, that goes for any gear. In the course are silicone lures and different baits.

In the Warm channel even found a canadian, or as they say local, channel catfish. This fish is a desperate struggle for life, forcing the fisherman to pretty to work hard to get the catch.

River Sal

If you are looking for unspoiled nature and sparsely populated surrounding area for fishing, take a river Sal. It is quiet and peaceful, civilization here has not yet come in, and fish in the river grows well and multiplies. Best of all the fish here settled down catfish. They are not picky almost any bait – crayfish, worms, clams, etc. fall into the river and Chub, which can reach very large sizes.