Analyze your life situation. How often in your life there are stressful situations? Whether you have a night force on sexual pleasure? How do you feel about your partner? Do you own the figure, face, etc.? Do not bother whether you have any gynecological problems? Answer these questions honestly. Now you need to identify those noise sources that affect sexuality and can prevent to increase sensuality. When you will answer each of the questions, you will be able to understand what work is required.
Increasing the sensitivity will help special exercises. To fulfill their needs alone, nothing should stop you delve deeper into your feelings. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes. Direct their attention to the lower part of the abdomen. Exhaling, tighten your vaginal muscles for a few seconds. On the inhale fully relax your vagina. Repeat the exercise 5 – 10 times. Then change technique: inhaling, tense your vaginal muscles, exhale – relax.
Perform diaphragmatic breathing. During inhalation, air enters the lower part of the lungs cave in the diaphragm, your abdomen inflates. During exhalation the abdominal muscles tense up and go inside. Chest during diaphragmatic breathing remains stationary. Run time – 2 minutes.
Take the objects having different structure. For example, a piece of silk cloth, children's plastic cube, a feather, a wool sweater, etc. will Suit absolutely any thing that you couldn't get hurt. Wear minimal amount of clothing that a big part of your body was exposed. Lay the items in front of you, close your eyes. Take the first item and start to RUB it over the skin. Try to feel the sensations that you get from touching your skin. Repeat manipulation to each selected object. This exercise will help make your skin more sensitive.