Kvass quenches thirst, so the desire to try this drink increases especially from mom in the summer. But by definition, the brew falls under the category of alcoholic beverages, the ethanol content of the composition does not exceed 1.2 %. Therefore, during lactation, this fact must be taken into account.

Kvass and breast-feeding

Drink kvas is perfectly tones, stimulates appetite, relieves fatigue. And nursing mothers can also drink a glass of flavored liquid but drink brew should be used with caution, as the yogurt. Choosing a product of fermentation, consider the composition. The brew must contain malt, yeast, sugar. In any case, during lactation can not eat leavened concentrate, carbonated and contains various chemical additives to the brew.
If a breastfeeding mother decided to enjoy a brew, it is not recommended to buy a drink in the store or cask. Make kvass at home.

Drink natural kvass nursing mother should be in small quantities, so as not to harm microflora intestines and women, and baby. The yeast in the product affect the gas, it is possible the mother and stomach problems. But the baby mum's milk, drunk kvass, can cause cramps, bloating. Therefore, the risk with natural yeast brew is not worth it. In addition to troubles with the belly, the brew can lead to allergic reactions in children.

What kind of brew you can drink nursing mother

Less yeast contains caraway kvass. Cumin has a positive effect on lactation and the baby's health. It can and cook at home. To do this, take rye bread, cut it into pieces and dry them in the oven. Next, you pour water, the resulting crackers (5 litres per 500g. of bread). Leave to soaking the bread for 4 hours, and then pour the liquid a Cup of sugar, 10 gr. of yeast and 2 tsp cumin. Infuse useful kvass recommended 12 hours in a warm place.
To drink drank, drink not very cold, but slightly cool brew. You can put in a few ice cubes.

If you wish to kvass nursing mother can add pieces of fruit or berries, but to sweeten the drink more than the norm is not worth it. Don't forget that home brew strengthens the immune system, that is why it is advised to drink in the case of a difficult birth, caesarean section. It helps to restore strength. And even if the child has no adverse reaction to the drink, drink the brew in small portions, tracking the presence of the rash and other disturbing signals in infants. In the presence of colic and improve the gassing discard the product at least for a while.