Domestic violence: types of tyrants

Who is your partner is a tyrant or not? To define it is not as easy as it may seem.

Please note! The man is a tyrant, being in good and cheerful mood, can be very pleasant, sincere and friendly person. Therefore, it is unclear how in such a, at first glance cute, the man suddenly Wake up to the tyranny and despotism. A distinctive feature of despotic nature is the desire by any means to bend the will of all the loved ones.

There are three main types of manifestation of tyranny, but in its pure form each of them is rare.

Total control. Husband is a tyrant of this type will certainly want to know everything, including who they meet and befriends the wife, where and with whom is what. A tyrant loves to constantly ask the wife: "where have You been?". It monitors literally every step. If suddenly the wife is delayed at work, the husband immediately starts to grill her. Everything that happens must be known wife-the tyrant, otherwise he feels insecure.

The obsessive desire to humiliate the woman. Such tyrants regularly mistreat their wives, they are subjected to moral degradation. Favorite remarks against women are: "Where are you going without me? What are you without me? Uneducated broody!" To utter these insults, the man affectionately. Using such derogatory statements tyrant tries to improve their low self-esteem. However, its main purpose is to convince the wife to her stupidity and inconsistency, that without him she is nothing. Psychological violence destroys the person, forces to doubt their abilities. As a result, the woman becomes controlled and can not decide on the severance of relations.

Physical violence, assault and battery. Such indecent behaviour of men, unfortunately, are not uncommon, and represents the most extreme manifestation of tyranny. The main causes of battering, as a rule, are: the lack of decent education, restraint and self-control, temper. The use of alcohol and drugs exacerbates the situation. Physical violence is often compounded by sexual.

Tyrant, constantly wandering hands, the reality is the typical coward who can't confront even a street bully. Domestic violence against women - it's the only thing he's capable of.

What actions need to be taken by the woman

Any woman who is a victim of tyranny, sooner or later will face a choice: to voluntarily become a slave to a tyrant or to keep yourself. If a woman decides to stay true to yourself, then she should take the following steps:

1) be Sure to inform all relatives and friends about the antics of her husband. The husband must know everything, to him, it became clear that his violence and insults will not go unpunished.

2) Tell my husband-the tyrant that there is a way to call him to account for the physical and moral violence. In this case, the woman should be prepared for what will be attracted outsiders to witness the abuse of her husband and bruising.

3) the Victim of tyranny may receive support by calling at a nearby crisis center and speaking about the tyranny of the husband. There you can ask for help.

4) to Begin to provide for themselves. A woman who is not financially dependent on a tyrant, would not tolerate humiliation. The main task for the woman who wants to improve their life, is the attainment of self-esteem. Most likely she will have some time to live with the husband separately, however, this is complicated by the presence of children in the family. However, the woman needs to understand that the best way to protect yourself and children from the tyrant is to cut all contact with him to a minimum.

Increase self-esteem

Not to fight for ourselves, women need to learn to first love yourself. Truly loving and self-respecting woman believes that she deserves only the best. For this she needs to constantly engage in self-development: for example, to devote time to education, work or hobby. The removal of physical and moral dependence on her husband, a tyrant only if the woman enhance self-esteem and gain self-esteem.