To the question of why in fact want children, honestly and clearly not the answer no parent, not even myself. Child psychologists have carried out a study on the issue, during which revealed some of the typical responses of parents to the question, why do they still need children.

Identified responses only meant one thing: giving birth to a child, the parents pursued personal goals. For example, the grandparents wanted grandchildren, and the young couple decided on the birth of a child. Or a baby born to save a failing marriage. Selfish motives adults, one way or another, affect the future life of the child. Because none of the newborn is not required to implement the expectations and plans of moms and dads. This, at least, unfair.

The child as an opportunity to share the love

Most clients of psychologists receive the same diagnosis: psychological trauma in the family in childhood. All the experts in one voice insists that adult problems stem from a difficult relationship with his parents. The fact that mom and dad see in their own child's future – his status in society, financial situation, Outlook. But parents forget one thing: the baby is not a thing, it is the same person who just needs help to grow up.

Children just need to be able to share the love that overflows from their parents, to talk about the beautiful world in which people live, to share with the kids life. The child should have only to be interested in him, his life, and get joy and pleasure.

Happy children grow up in families where parents are selflessly and joyfully show interest in their babies. The task of moms and dads is to provide their offspring with everything necessary to sustain life in a growing organism, and only. With this approach, the child since childhood, solve the emerging problems on their own, he makes mistakes and makes conclusions from them. This does not mean that the child only need to clothe and feed. It is important to show him the possibility of life, but not to decide for him.

Kids, how fun

From kids a lot of trouble and inconvenience, but only parents know how to have fun without expecting a return on investment. Is a man who loves music, it is waiting for something? A gardener who grows amazing flowers in your garden, don't require rewards? So the parents just see a child's life, introduce him to the world around them and themselves enjoy it.