Causes of anisocytosis

Change the size and shape of red blood cells (anisocytosis) develops as a result of deficiency of iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, blood transfusions, in myelodysplastic syndrome (bone marrow disease) and cancer. Deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 leads to a decrease in the formation of red blood cells, in turn, this could cause anisocytosis. Vitamin a deficiency causes a change of the size of red blood cells.

Often pathology develops after a blood transfusion, have not been tested for the anisocytosis. Over time, however, the diseased cells are replaced with healthy blood, and the disease is. The anisocytosis when cancer appears when bone marrow metastases are formed. The formation of blood cells of different sizes also occurs when bone marrow disease (myelodysplastic syndrome).

Symptoms of anisocytosis are: the inability to perform long-term work, lack of energy, arising from time to time shortness of breath, palpitations, even at rest, the blanching of the skin, eyeballs, nails. If you encounter these signs you must immediately seek medical help.

Types of anisocytosis

The disease has different types, depending on which blood cells are mutated. This pathology manifests itself in the form of macrocytosis, microcytosis, anisocytosis mixed type. In identifying the disease also determine the measure of anisocytosis of erythrocytes.

Minor degree is denoted by the signs "+ (1)", in this case, the number of modified red blood cells is less than 25%. Moderate degree is indicated as "++ (2)", with this degree of altered cells make up 25-50%. In severe degree of anisocytosis, and is denoted as "+++ (3)", the modified red blood cells make up 50-75%. If a pronounced degree of anisocytosis - "++++ (4)" almost all red cells have changed size or irregular shape.

The anisocytosis of mixed type is characterized by the presence in the blood of micro - and macrotidal, the number of which does not exceed 50%. Microcity is erythrocytes having a size of less than 5-7 µm, red blood cells larger than 8 µm are called macrocyte. Treatment of anisocytosis begins with eliminating the cause of its development. In anemia patients need to follow a diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and macronutrients. If the cause of anisocytosis is cancer assigned therapy in accordance with its features.