Advantages of refrigerators of this brand is long-term storage of the frozen products in a powerful freezer, temperature control with external control panel, backlit display-the display mode of the refrigerator and the mode of freezing. Also refrigerators "POZIS" is equipped with evaporator, zapenennye in the insulation, and accessories in the form of sernity and nipples. Optionally the fridge can be perenosit door and to rearrange shelves at the desired height.

To perenosit doors in the refrigerator POZIS independently, while the service will take for not less than 1.5 thousand rubles.

The door of the refrigerating chamber in the refrigerator of this company is equipped with an external decorative plate – false panels hiding the elements. In the inner space of units is four shelves made of shockproof glass, two trays for vegetables, four wall shelves on the door and four drawers in the freezer. Refrigerators "POZIS" allow you to independently set the temperature in the refrigerator compartment while the freezer adjusts its temperature automatically.


Of the disadvantages of refrigerators "POZIS" can be mentioned low-frequency low hum, sometimes included when you freeze and can annoy people with sensitive hearing. After some time, the handle can crack or spread, drawers scratch on the bottom of the refrigerator. Also, these refrigerators require careful attention to the drain, located inside the refrigeration chamber is in periodic self-defrosting water flows down the rear wall of the unit in this flow.

Of drain water generated during defrosting operation enters the tank, hanging above the compressor.

When clogged drain melted ice will flow inside of the refrigerating chamber, filling boxes with products and emerging on the floor when opening the refrigerator door, so the condition of the drain should be regularly monitored and, if necessary, be cleaned manually. Another major drawback of refrigerators "POZIS" is "unauthorized" flow of electricity. The passport products are usually claimed an expense in the amount of 0.86 kW per day, but in most cases it is about 1.15 kilowatts – despite the fact that the refrigerator is functioning properly and at zero temperature.