Budget options

Today, manufacturers of cooling products are trying to cover all possible criteria to attract buyers. While there is a perception that the refrigerators of domestic production are of lower quality than the flagship foreign refrigeration industry. However, it is not so. Lower prices on refrigerators manufactured in Russia and the CIS, explains the more cheap transportation compared with foreign.

The leader of the Russian market is the Belarusian "Atlant". As these refrigerators, no doubt, because it is really proven. From pluses it is possible to select the cheapest service, due to the abundance of service centers in Russia. However, the "Atlant" has a large power consumption, which is its disadvantage.

"Stinol" will be a good choice for a minimum budget reserved for the purchase of refrigerator. However, according to statistics, often break down exactly the refrigerators of this brand. So you should think of buying a refrigerator "Stinol".

The perfect solution is a refrigerator "Biryusa". Today, the domestic manufacturer is rapidly gaining momentum. Refrigerators "Biryusa" have a stylish design. The quality is also excellent.

Refrigerators overseas production

If you do not focus on domestic producers of refrigeration products, you can refer to Korean. For example, Samsung and Lg are leaders of sales in the domestic market. Among buyers there is great demand for these brands of refrigerators. It is worth saying that the quality of refrigerators these brands is high. As for the service, the service centers of Samsung and Lg now in every major city.

If you want to buy a really high-class fridge and ready to spend a large sum of money, contact a trademark Bosh and Candy. Bosh is the world's largest manufacturer, which is on the market for 80 years. Offers quality and reliable products that will last a long time. In addition, in the refrigerators of luxury many additional features. For example, Bosh is a patented system of protection against bacteria. And Candy is just the style and reliability. Refrigerator under this brand will become not only indispensable, but also fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.