The main reason for the hemorrhoids is a stagnation of blood in the pelvis. As a result, stagnation occurs overflow and hyperextension of the veins and venous plexuses in the rectum. Extended portions of the veins become thinner, they get injured, they can form ulcers. They can also drop from the rectum, to partially or fully cover the anus, causing constipation.
The reasons for this stagnation may be sedentary work (programmers, accountants, etc.), work associated with heavy lifting, prolonged constipation or diarrhea. Also hemorrhoids can cause taking oral contraceptives, abuse of laxatives and enemas, poor nutrition with a lack of fiber and lots of spicy food. Hemorrhoids are common in Amateur anal sex, riding bike and motorcycle. The great value has a heredity and vrozhdennaya features of the structure of the venous system and pregnancy.
The vast majority of cases, hemorrhoids develops gradually over several years. There are 4 main stages of disease development. In the first stage the hemorrhoids may be asymptomatic or manifest only in the presence of itching, heaviness and discomfort in the anus. It is usually detected by chance when treatment for other diseases.
In the second stage join pain in the anus, clearly associated with defecation and frequent bleeding. Also when urinating quite often fall out hemorrhoids, which can be drawn independently. For the third stage is characterized by the prolapse of hemorrhoids when lifting weights, physical activities, assemblies and the self do not reduce, they can easily be identified upon inspection and palpation.
The fourth stage is neglected hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids fall out, even after they reposition. Hemorrhoids at this stage is often complicated by bleeding and thrombosis, patients require surgical treatment.
Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids can not completely get rid of the disease, its aim is to reduce the frequency and duration of exacerbations. Drugs used to improve the tone of veins and normalizing the blood flow. For topical treatment apply ointments, suppositories and gels to reduce pain, itching and congestion.
For medical treatment inside used drugs such as <<Phlebodia,>>, <<Troxevasin>>, <<Detralex>>. They increase venous tone, and therefore improve the outflow of blood from the pelvis. The course of treatment should be at least a week. For bleeding hemorrhoids locally appointed candles <<Relief>>, <<Procto-glivenol>>, <<Natalise>>.
As first aid can be recommended to apply ice or cold to the area of the anus, treatment with ice will quickly bring relief and stop the bleeding. Also is recommended cold sitz baths with infusion of oak bark and leaves of horse chestnut, they have a hemostatic effect. All of these bring only temporary relief, for the appointment of a full treatment is necessary to address to the proctologist, as the bleeding can be a sign of more serious diseases.