Anal fissure is not a serious disease but it causes real suffering. So-called ulcers elongated shape that occurs on the mucous membrane of the rectum near the anus. During defecation in fissure the patient feels the strongest cutting pain, which can cause constipation, which in turn, will only exacerbate the disease.

To get quick relief from the cracks of the anus traditional methods: how to do it?

A popular folk method of treatment of anal fissures is sitz baths with a decoction of oak bark. Contained in the bark of this tree tannins disinfect the wound, drying with and heals her, as well as relieve the pain and stop the bleeding. To prepare a bath in 2 liters of boiling water, throw a handful of oak bark (available at pharmacies). Boil the decoction for quarter of an hour, then let it cool to room temperature, strain it and add it to the prepared bath water.

Another popular method of relieving the acute condition of the patient, who is suffering from anal fissures is overlaid on affected area with a cotton swab dipped in the broth of wheat bran and calendula. To make it in a pint of boiling water, add a tablespoon of bran and dry marigold flowers, boil for 10-15 minutes, strain and cool.

The miraculous properties of aloe usual is indispensable in the treatment of anal fissures. Cut in half in the thickness of the aloe Vera apply to the affected area after the bath. Aloe quickly neutralizes the inflammation and promotes healing of sores on the mucous. You can do rectal candles from the aloe by cutting a leaf into oblong pieces and pre-freezing it.

Infusion of nettle, which is daily consumed 2-3 times sick as the tea, helps the body to deal with such an unfortunate disease as anal fissure, inside. It helps relieve swelling and irritation of the intestinal mucosa, not only outside but also throughout its duration.

How to prevent anal fissures?

Proctologists recommend prone to anal fissures patients to enter in your daily diet a lot of fiber and plenty of pure water. These measures are like no others, contribute to the prevention of constipation, which in most cases are the cause of injury to the delicate mucous in the anus.

To prevent anal fissures avoid tight clothes, especially dangerous in the sense of Thong is made of synthetic materials. Salty, spicy and fried foods may indirectly affect ulceration around the anus, so such food should be avoided. Finally, use for cleaning PH-neutral medium. Following all these measures, you will prevent the recurrence of the disease.