Ukrainian wreath with their hands: method 1

To make Ukrainian wreath, you'll need:
- a few sprigs of artificial flowers;
- multiple tapes;
- wire;
- thin tape transparent or flesh-colored;
- a pair of scissors.

Cut with scissors a piece of wire the size of which is equal to the circumference of your head, adding to the length of 4 cm for the seam allowance. Take 3 pieces of wire, fold them together and using a thin tape will bind them. Make a wire ring, the circumference of which is equal to the circumference of your head, and secure with tape ends.

Cut sprigs of artificial flower with a stem longer. Then attach it with tape to the wire, departing from the end of the last 5 cm. Alternately weaves the flowers, alternating colors. The last of them need to weave at a distance of 5 centimeters from the second end of the wire.

Take the ribbons and tie them, alternating the colors, to the area in which you are intertwined with flowers.

Ukrainian wreath with their hands: method 2

To make this wreath you will need:
- wide elastic;
plastic bottle;
- satin or silk fabric green;
- sewing accessories;
- glue gun;
- artificial flowers;
- a pair of scissors.

Cut out of a plastic bottle base in the form of a rectangle and a little zakruglenie its upper corners. Of the double-folded green fabric you need to cut the same shape by adding from 0.8 to 1 cm for the seam allowance. Stitch the folded in half fabric inside face, leaving a small area unsewn. Remove the workpiece, then carefully, trying not to tear the fabric, insert it in the basis of plastic.

Carefully sew the seam the rest. Take a wide rubber band and cut part, correlating the size of the bands with the length of the circumference of the head. RUB the edges with glue. From the front glue the two ends of the elastic. Glue with glue gun the flowers on the front side. If you own a Japanese art of kanzashi, you can decorate the wreath hand-made flowers. The product from the reverse side must also be carefully handled.

In the long tradition of the Ukrainian wreath need to carry tapes, the length of which should equal the length of the hair. The occipital part of the product can be decorated with silk colored ribbons. Sew them, bending around the elastic. The resulting wreath is very convenient because it does not press on the head and firmly held her even during a dance performance.