Advice 1: How to weave a wreath

Weaving the wreath is vintage fun. Associated with many traditions and folklore. Master the simple skill of weaving a wreath can and should everyone, especially the girl. It's so fun to decorate the head, or child "alive" rim while camping. And it may be that you will make folk costumes for any occasion, and will crown your head with a crown of flowers.
How to weave a wreath
You will need
  • Plaiting a crown will require different flowers on long stems (at least 15-20 cm). The longer the stalk, the stronger will the wreath. Flowers you can use live or artificial. Use the flowers of one or more classes, you can also add the grass to make a wreath voluminous and interesting. You also need a thread or a long, thin grass.
Prepared to disassemble the wreath of grass and flowers on the varieties and put them in a row, in the order in which you would like to see them in your wreath.
Remove from the stems of extra leaves to the wreath base is not too thick and uneven.
Begin braiding three or four plants. Pile them close, and weave into a braid. The scythe can be priplesti the entire length of the stems or make only 5-6 weaves, to bond them together. This "frame" wreath of flowers.
Then start to drag to the basis of other flowers and herbs. Take the flower and attach it to the base with the outer side of.
Place the stem from the bottom up, then right to left around the Bud (inflorescences).
Grab the remaining length of the stem in one pile.
The following plant plaiting the same way. It turns out that each subsequent plant attaches to the base of the previous one.
When you weave a wreath of sufficient length, braid not braided the ends of the stalks.
Connect the first and the last flowers, the folding of the wreath circle, and then a long blade of grass (or thread) fix the wreath, gently optiva it in a spiral around the entire circumference. And so until then, until all the ends of the stalks to blow over smoothly.

Advice 2: How to weave a wreath of maple leaves

In the fall, when the weather is still having warm Sunny days, guests can stroll through the Park or the woods, inhaling the scent of fallen leaves. Colorful leaves scattered underfoot, are materials, which deliver wondrous wreaths, so don't miss the opportunity to show their creativity.
How to weave a wreath of maple leaves
You will need
  • - maple leaves;
  • - threads;
  • - a pair of scissors.
First enter the beautiful maple leaves with long stems. Color and leaf size does not matter, what you should pay attention to is the flexibility of the stalks: they have a good bend and not break. To be sure in the quality of raw materials, leaves it is better to rip from the tree, and to take better ones that are easily detached from the branches.
Take two large leaves, put them legs cross, then one leg of the sheet around the second go around to make a loop, and as much as possible it tighten, but do not overdo it, otherwise the stalk will break. Connect together two of the petiole. Take a third sheet, put it in the petiole cross do not cross with the previous two, go around them "tail" of the wreath, creating a loop. Combine all three of the petiole together so they were parallel.
So continue to weave a wreath up until its length reaches the desired size. It should be noted that the wreath was more lush and voluminous over time, you can take not one, but two or three leaves.
After the wreath will be gossip, connect its two ends together take the thread to the color of the leaves (yellow, green or red) and gently tie the product. With scissors, trim excess stalks.
A wreath of maple leaves ready. It can be used as a headdress for a children's party, use it in photo shoots or decorate the front door of the house.
Useful advice
To make the wreath look more elegant, then when you capture, you can add branches with Rowan berries or viburnum.

Advice 3: How to weave a flower crown out of artificial flowers

Since ancient times, flowers were considered the most beautiful ornaments for women. For example, brides are often decorated with wreaths and intertwined in her hair flowers. Also you can make a beautiful wreath of artificial flowers with their hands. Currently a floral wreath became a fashion trend. However, some designers replace the wreaths for the flower headbands.
A wreath of artificial flowers.

What would it take to weave a floral wreath?

To master the technique of weaving a wreath of artificial flowers is a snap. First need to prepare the necessary materials such as: artificial flowers, floral wire, satin ribbon, tape, silicone glue. And of course, the work can not do without a heat gun, wire cutters and scissors.

The basic steps of creating the wreath

First of all, you need to make a frame for a wreath of floral wire. Density connect three or four pieces of wire and wrap them with a special teip-tape. Then try the frame on your head, it needs to be a little too big.

Artificial flowers are carefully cut from the branches with wire cutters. At the same time you must be the stem length to 5 cm. It is recommended to prepare in advance flowers that are required for weaving of the wreath. Just in the process better not to be distracted by cutting a new batch of flowers.

Start braiding from the front of the wreath. Attach one flower to the frame and attach it teip-tape. If you want to have flowers securely held in a wreath, attach them with one large piece of tape, not several small ones. Gradually fill half of the frame from one flower to another. The first part of the wreath is ready.

Now you can do the weaving of the second half of the product. Note that the flowers in the second half of the wreath needs to look in the opposite direction. The result is that the flower heads of the two frame halves are arranged one against the other. As for the back of the frame, its not to fill out about 6-7 inches. This place should remain free in order to be able to attach a satin ribbon. After complete filling of the frame needs to be tapirisat the rest of it in two layers.

In the next stage cut in meter pieces of ribbon of different colors. It is best to use red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple ribbons. Of course, ideally, you need to take 6 strips, width of each of which will be two and a half centimeters. You will then need to glue the Central portion of each ribbon to the frame. You can use silicone adhesive. Remember to handle the edges of the ribbon with fire so they don't Ravel. A wreath of artificial flowers ready. The same principle can weave a wreath of flowers. Only pre-flowers have to zataplivat.

Advice 4: How to weave the Bridal wreath on the head of flowers in their hands

Bridal wreath is not only an exquisite decoration to the hairstyle of the bride, symbolizing her purity, innocence and chastity. According to ancient Slavic traditions, a wreath woven by the hands of the bride, is a powerful talisman of marriage and budding family.
Wedding wreath of roses
In modern wedding ceremonies, increasingly, there are echoes of ancient rituals, and making a homemade wreath of flowers and leaves is one such example. In Russia the wedding is completed by removing the veil from the head of the bride and wearing a wreath, which she wove with her own hands. For making the wreath won't need specialized skills and knowledge of the complicated techniques, it is enough to show a little imagination and choose flowers and plants that are appropriate for the hairstyle, dress and face shape.

A wreath of rosebuds

Exquisite, elegant and stylish wedding wreath is obtained using the half-open rosebuds in white and soft pink color. Sometimes, to make a bright note in the overall composition in the netting add a few flowers orchids saturated colors.

As frame wedding wreath and used floral wire and green or matched in color under the shades of the General composition of floral tape. The wire is connected to the ring, the size of which must conform to the circumference of your head and allow the rim to sit a bit loose. For reliability it is recommended to use 2-3 layers of wire – it will give the frame the necessary rigidity.

A wire base wrapped with floral tape, and then to work to prepare the plant: trim the excess leaves, thorns, trim the stems to 3-4 cm Weaving a wreath starting from the edge of the Foundation by attaching a sprig of leaves or other greenery with floral tape or thin decorative wire. Then on the frame reinforce the rosebuds: the edges of the unopened flowers closer to the center – more lush, with open petals.

Colors needs to be alternated with branches of greenery, masking the gaps and trying to cover up the floral tape. Buds are set on the frame quite tightly, cutting off the protruding part of the stems, that will make your wedding wreath more convenient and light in weight. The netting is adjusted to the middle of the basics, and then repeat the same steps with the other edge of the wreath, trying to place the flowers and greenery symmetrically opposite side.

Wreath with satin ribbon

Very elegant and noble look wreaths using cascading satin ribbons whose color is chosen to match the bride's dress. For making this wreath you will need floral wire, floral tape, satin ribbon and flowers: live or made of silk fabric.

Cut floral wire bent at the ends in the form of small rings through which are passed satin ribbon: this will allow you to create a dimensionless wreath fastened on the bride's head with tied ribbons.

Wire neatly placed over the lowered table on the satin ribbon of the desired color, then begin to consolidate her flowers, alternating them with herbs. Flowers can be woven into a wreath as individually and in small bunches. But it is important to remember that a large number of flowers and greens significantly increases the overall weight of the wreath and it can bring severe discomfort to the bride.
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