Pride is a positive quality

Pride is a quality inherent to the real men. It makes them move forward, to conquer new peaks, to implement this plan. This feeling drives men to self-discovery and continuous improvement. A man can be proud of paid work, with luxury accommodation, beautiful wife and everything I've achieved in this life. There is nothing wrong, on the contrary, such a strong personality to command respect of friends and family, are imitated. For a real man no obstacles to achieving your goals, it from the skin all over will come out to his family was secure and happy. The man truly can be proud only when native people along with its actions.
Pride adorns the man in the eyes of the fairer sex, make him brave and strong, but there is one small condition - it must be backed by actions.

Pride – protective barrier

Pride – a feeling that is not only strong men, but weak. It happens that it acts as a protective barrier from the outside world. For example, a person who is afraid to take the first step towards a new life, covered with pride, thus trying to protect themselves from possible problems. Overly "proud" men sometimes do not dare to take the initiative in their own hands, forcing favorite ladies to take their first steps. Often such people are constricted, stiff and cowardly, they are simply incapable of decisive action, and pride – a kind of cover.
Weak men are usually too proud and behave arrogantly towards the loved ones, consequently left all alone.

Consequences of excessive pride

Man, unreasonably proud of myself, can unknowingly alienate not only enemies, but friends. For example, a loving girlfriend, a long time forgiving her lover arrogance, can make your choice in favor of a more permissive candidate. And she is absolutely right, after all, to knock on closed doors is meaningless. The authorities turn a blind eye to the antics of albeit nice, but too proud employee with high self-esteem, sooner or later, find an alternative, because, as you know, no one is irreplaceable. The representative of the stronger sex should clearly feel the fine line between pride and arrogance, otherwise it is likely to remain in solitude.