What is the calendar contraception?

At present we know a huge number of contraceptives, but there are still those women who are used as protection from unplanned pregnancy calendar method. This method is a natural method of family planning. The woman calculates the date of ovulation and avoiding sexual contact in the alleged days of conception. Such method is considered ineffective. According to statistics, pregnancy is when it starts at 15 ladies out of 100. This risk is considered large enough.

This method of protection besides a danger to the health of the girl. During menstruation, and sex, as a rule, have at this period, the uterus is able to infiltrate various pathogenic tiny organisms, this is especially dangerous for weakened immune systems of the body. Some men do not realize this and insist on contact. Therefore, to fundamentally explain to your second half about the likely consequences, among which are inflammation and disease.

Conception and menstruation

If you are looking for the answer to the question of whether the conception of menstruation, you should know that these gynecologists indicate pregnancy may come. Some people just don't understand how can it be that pregnancy occurs during ovulation when sperm contact with the egg.

Ovulation is the process of release of an egg from the ovary. Then the cell moves through the fallopian tube and is fertilized with a sperm. Ovulation on average occurs in women every 28 days, approximately mid-cycle. Sperm can remain in a woman's body throughout the week. It happens that the egg Matures before the due date, and when sexual intercourse happens on the fifth or sixth day of menstruation, it is possible insemination after a number of days. In the first days of menstruation to get pregnant is virtually impossible, but if there are disruptions in a woman's menstrual cycle, a certain percentage of this probability is still there.

Gynecologists insist that if a woman wishes to conceive, she should be required to think about contraception, even during menstruation.

Any couple needs to choose more suitable for two method of contraception. The number of abortions in Russia is increasing annually, so the future should be thinking in advance. Ignorance in this matter could cost the life of that unborn baby.