Advice 1: What to bring the temperature down during chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an aggressive method of treatment of diseases of oncological nature. Often, chemotherapy is accompanied with the increase of temperature during the period of their application. Before you attempt to bring down the temperature after such treatment, you should know why it occurs and what is the condition of the body is considered critical.
What to bring the temperature down during chemotherapy

The state of a person after chemotherapy

There are five degrees of the state of the human body, which can be after chemotherapy or during it.

The first two degrees, when the changes in the health of the person practically does not occur, the temperature is normal or slightly more than 37 o C, the total activity of man is not violated. This condition does not cause great concern among physicians. The patient in these cases, a certain food, careful monitoring of their condition during the day and more.

Third and fourth degree of the patient's condition after chemotherapy, when disturbances in the body pronounced. For example, high fever, present the strongest vomiting, diarrhea. Apparently, in this case, the exposure to chemicals is harmful and pose a threat to human life. Under such degrees of state the cancellation of the treatment and complete monitoring in a clinical setting.

Why am I getting fever after chemistry?

The fact that fever often accompanies the condition of the patient after the chemotherapy is explained as follows. Chemical elements after the procedure to reduce the level of neutrophils in the blood. Infection whatever in the body, spreading rapidly due to their decline. Besides, on the background of the lowered immunity of the body with inflammation difficult to handle.

If the temperature is available, and it's high enough, you should immediately inform your doctor. He will prescribe a blood test will reveal for what reason the temperature rises, and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The patient

So, after chemotherapy or during continuously measure the body temperature. If it is above $ 38 OS, please inform your doctor.

You can't take modern painkillers pharmacy funds, which are "smeared" picture of the spreading of infection in the body. Call an ambulance, if you know that the temperature is high the body can not cope. In extreme cases, if the doctor is far away, and "soon" will be soon, you can apply the people's means of reducing temperature.

Drink plenty of water or other liquid which is allowed to you diet. Wipe the body with water and add Apple cider or vinegar. You can dilute some vodka with water and quickly wipe down the body. Do not wrap, on the contrary give access to air and take of all clothes.

Be sure to call the doctor or consult with him on the phone, what you should do when the temperature rises after a course of chemotherapy.

Advice 2: How to quickly bring down the temperature of folk remedies

High fever in an adult is often enough and is not particularly life-threatening. She testifies about the normal work of the immune system that responds to bacterial and viral infections, inflammatory processes in the joints and tissues. Doctors believe that the increase in temperature to 38 degrees does not require medical intervention, as it is the active destruction of the virus, the acceleration of the synthesis of interferon, strengthens the immune system.
How to quickly bring down the temperature of folk remedies
You will need
  • - berry juice, lemon, honey.
  • - Linden flowers, honey;
  • - vodka;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - onions, honey, apples;
  • potatoes, Apple cider vinegar.
To reduce the temperaturewithout using medication drugs is relatively easy. First of all it is necessary to prevent dehydration – drink plenty of fluids. Tea with honey or lemon, berry fruit drinks with cranberries, cranberry, sea buckthorn, black currant, viburnum, wild strawberries or red ash tree – any of these drinks will not only prevent dehydration, but also will greatly enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements, so necessary at the moment.
Effective antipyretic agent is lime color. Take a tablespoon of crushed raw material and Bay 200 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 20 minutes, covering the beaker with a towel. Then strain and add to the filtrate a tablespoon of honey. Drinking cooked means, lie down under the blanket. Usually after 10-20 minutes, starts sweating and the temperature drops.
Also widely used vodka and vinegar rubdown of a body at high temperature. Take a vodka and water at room temperature an equal amount. After stirring the mixture, soak a cotton cloth and wipe the body with light touches. RUB the mixture should not be.
For rubdowns can be applied Apple cider vinegar. Dissolve a tablespoon of 9% vinegar 0.5 liters of water, moistened cloth, wipe the body. After wiping, cover the patient with a blanket at once is not recommended, let it completely dries naturally.
Prepare the following febrifuge. Take in equal amount of honey, grated on a fine grater onion and Apple. The components are mixed, take a tablespoon three times a day before meals.
Antipyretic effect has the potatoes. RUB on grate 2 raw potatoes, add a tablespoon of vinegar or Apple cider vinegar. Mix thoroughly, put the mixture on a piece of cloth, folded in 3-4 layers and wrapped her, put on the forehead. After 1.5-2 hours compress, replace fresh.
If the patient has a weakened immune system due to taking strong drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, to lower themselves a high temperature at home is impossible. You must call attending physician to the house, or the ambulance.
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