Death and aging has always attracted the attention of people since ancient times, there were myths and legends of immortal beings, humans have searched for medicines and created recipes, trying to find means to rejuvenate and prolong your life. All attempts to defeat death was a bad one, although medicine and lifestyle improvements have allowed to extend human life for several decades. But people do not leave their attempts and still continue to look for ways to prolong life and deliverance from death. The result is a branch of science called gerontology, which deals with aging.

Aging is caused by the accumulation of genetic mutations in the cells of the human body. The longer the cell lives, the more it mutates.

Professionals working in gerontology can be divided into two categories: scientists, gerontologists and doctors who are often called geriatric. Gerontologists study the aging problem, looking for the mechanisms leading to cell death, and develop methods to slow the process, conduct experiments and experiments of various means to improve the quality of life of the elderly and more. The results of their research – medications, advice on lifestyle, medical devices and scientific articles – are used by doctors-gerontologists who are practitioners and help people in old age.

Doctors, gerontologists

Doctors, gerontologists are also called geriatric. Geriatrics is a branch of gerontology that studies the diseases associated with old age, particularly their treatment, geragosian, the prevention of diseases that occur after 75 years and more.

These professionals may be difficult to understand the theoretical mechanisms of aging of cells and other scientific research, but they are well able to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases that occur in old age.

Gerontologists call old age, the period from 75 to 89: this is the age of the centenarians, below the old age. These doctors are well aware that there are no healthy old – body at this age can no longer function correctly, although there are as quite active and healthy elderly almost 90 years old and very sick people in 50-60 years.

Doctor-gerontologist will examine patients after 75 years, develops a treatment plan, if necessary, adjusts the treatment, in consultation with other doctors. He tells his patients about the features of lifestyle at that age. Today such specialists are in demand more and more, because the period of eldership is constantly increasing.