First aid for puncture of the foot nail

If you stepped on a nail, the first thing it is appropriate to analyze the situation. Was the culprit a clean home a nail or a rusty street? How deep in the body tissue penetrated the nail?

In the case of shallow wounds in my own home, carefully remove the nail and to clean the wound with a solution of manganese. You then need to disinfect the area around the puncture with iodine or green paint. To be applied directly to damaged tissue, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

After manipulation of the injured foot should be bandaged and take the body to the limb was at least parallel to the floor. So the blood is rapidly rushing to the open wound.

If you are unable to extract the nail from too deep of penetration, contact your doctor. Deep included foreign body can damage the ligaments and major blood vessels, then the situation becomes much more dangerous. If the nail is thus relatively large, to touch it yourself is generally not recommended.

What is dangerous rusty nails?

If you hurt your leg on the street, the situation is much more serious. Street nails is much dirtier home. In addition, they are commonly rusty.

Rusty nails are often found spores of tetanus. Therefore, even a shallow puncture, it is sufficient that they penetrate from the surface of the nail into the blood. In case these kind of injuries be limited to washing and disinfection cannot be.

Tetanus is a very dangerous disease that in 25% of cases are fatal. Despite the progress of modern medicine, tetanus is treatable only in the early stages of development. Therefore, you should not wait and need to immediately go to the hospital for anti-tetanus serum.

To protect yourself, the best time to do all the necessary vaccinations. You need to remember that the effects of tetanus can stay for years. This disease can seriously damage the Central nervous system.

Another danger that lurks in the puncture of the foot nail infection of the blood. Watch your symptoms. If the leg swells rapidly, increased body temperature – seek immediate medical advice.

If you suspect severe sepsis, the doctor will prescribe special ointments for rubbing, as well as antibiotics for ingestion. Such measures are shown, if the wound is very deep and large in diameter. To the disappearance of critical symptoms it is advisable not to step on the injured leg.