Since 2006, it adopted and carried out the national programme "Health", within which additional medical examinations of citizens working in the public sector. The aim of this national project is to identify various diseases in the early stages. In 2008, the letter of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation contains information about what clinical examinations are subject to the working citizens of all ages occupied on works with harmful working conditions.
If you haven't been to the doctor, and time for independent examination at the hospital, you should give time to yourself and pass all the doctors. If there is any reason (valid or not), which you don't want to go to a particular clinic at the appointed time, you have the full right from the clinical examination to give. It's totally voluntary, no one can force or be fined.
In his letter to the Federal mandatory health insurance Fund explains that medical intervention is any preventive, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and research action taken by any medical professional towards the patient. And in the article 30 of the law on health protection stated that the need for voluntary consent to any medical intervention and the patient has the right to refuse it.
In labor code does not contain such things as medical examinations. It should be distinguished from annual health checks which are mandatory for certain categories of the working population according to article 213 of the labor code. Therefore, any legal norms obliging the employer to send employees for medical examinations, i.e. the latter have every right to abandon it. Accordingly, no responsibility for its failure will not bear neither the employer nor the employee.
If your doctor or your boss insists on annual checkups, then you can file an official denial, written in a free form. If the hospital refuses to serve you, to treat or to issue certificates without passing the examination, feel free to write a complaint in the name of the doctor. Make sure that on your application was delivered to the input number, date and signature accepted. Such a step is enough to solve the problem in your favor.