You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
Increase a hard disk partition using operating system functions. Remember that this method cannot be applied to the local disk where the operating system is installed. Click on "My computer" and right click the mouse on the icon of the desired section. Select "Properties".
Hit the button "disk Cleanup" and run this process. This will help to remove unused files and program components. Now select "Compress this drive to save space" and put the check mark. Click "Apply" and confirm to start the compression process on the local disk. It is highly recommended to remove prior to this, unused files, particularly disk images, and videos. This will reduce the size of the files. Disadvantage of the described method is that the processing speed of archived data is greatly reduced.
If you want to increase the size of a particular partition, use the Partition Manager. Install it and restart the computer.
Start the app and open the menu "Wizards". Hover the cursor on the line "Additional functions" in the ensuing menu select "Redistribute free space". Clean all partitions before starting the program. In the opened window, specify the section whose volume you want to increase. To do this, simply click the left button of the mouse on the graphic image, and then click Next.
Select local drives, unoccupied area which will be used to increase the indicated volume. Click "Next" and enter the new size increase a local disk. Click "Next". Confirm your settings by pressing the "finish"button.
Click on the icon "Apply pending changes" located in the top of the program window. The utility will continue after computer restarts.