Doctors say that babies in any case can not feed cow's milk. Children should be fed breast milk up until the child begins to eat solid foods. Although there are new studies to prove that if the child in the first days of life to give cow's milk, then on the contrary it will protect kids from different even dangerous allergic reactions. But the fact that this study was conducted only among those children who ate no simple cow's milk, and took a special formula for newborns. A simple protein that is found in cow's milk, is very dangerous for children. The child may appear rash, can cause problems with the respiratory system, and sometimes the kids even experienced a state of shock, and then death. We can say that this type of foods are regarded specialists in two ways, as well as the issue of vaccination.

In General, if you are a young mother you should know that if you do not give your baby cow's milk from the first month of life, then in any case do not enter into the diet of the child until he turns a year.

What to feed a child under one year?

You can your baby to give a special adapted formula, which is designed for the child's body, we are talking about acidophilus milk and baby yogurt, and there's a special milk for toddlers. Data dairy products produce dairy food, and all products designed for different age groups.

Why not give cow's milk if the child is under a year?

The fact that cow milk contains minerals in large quantity that cause discomfort in the baby's body, especially in babies who have not developed urinary system. As a result, the kidneys do kids get overloaded, when this product starts to be excreted from the body.

Also in this dairy product contains sodium and protein in large quantity. This protein has a different composition, which the baby may appear allergic reaction, and will continue to be problems even with the use of other dairy products.