In order not to be disappointed in buying a slow cooker, before going to the store it would be good to study reviews from happy owners and to decide what functions are necessary, but no can do.

What are crock pots

The main difference between all multivarok from each other in the work under pressure or without it. The easiest and cheapest option is the slow cooker that works without pressure. In fact — it is an ordinary steamer, to which was added some functions. In this slow cooker cook porridge, boiled rice and buckwheat for the second course, stewed fish, meat. We have steaks, bake a cake or baked chicken with a delicious crust, it will not work.
Slow cooker with minimum features will be a good addition to multifunctional multicooker-pressure cooker or bread machine. To cook in multicookings two at a time.

Multivarki-pressure cookers — more severe technique. Most of them have the function of "control" that allows you to cook without worrying about choosing the right mode. In addition, in multicookings-the pressure cooker turns out perfect cakes, elaborate dishes of meat and fish. Lovers of yogurt with this slow cooker can cook it yourself, using the minimum of ingredients.
Yogurt, cooked in a slow cooker-a pressure cooker more useful shops. In the finished yogurt, you can add pieces of fruit, berries or granola.

Becoming owners of the slow cooker with the function of a bread machine, you can forget about going to the bakery. All bread and pastry cooked in such a device surprisingly much tastier and healthier than store-bought.

Pros and cons multivarki

For cooking in a slow cooker requires minimal oil and fats, which is why it is more useful cooked on the stove. In addition, the food in the bowl multivarki warm up more evenly. Salt and spices in the cooking process is also required less. Founded in multivarku-cooker ingredients stew in their own juice, without adding oil and water. The taste of food cooked in a slow cooker, often resembles the taste of food cooked in a Russian stove. Soups and cereals are more nourishing.

From the obvious drawbacks slow cookers — Teflon coating of the bowl. If there will be scratches, the bowl must be replaced. To find quite difficult, and the cost can reach up to half the cost of most crock pots. Wash the Teflon is without applying abrasives which can damage the coating. Very hot such a bowl is also not necessary, the Teflon afraid of sudden changes in temperature. To cook in the damaged bowl cannot.

In addition, the slow cooker is in the kitchen has enough space, unlike pots and pans. And the biggest disadvantage of a good slow cooker is its price. The more programs in the unit, the higher its value.

To make a choice in favor of the slow cooker is in cases where there is little experience in cooking or have no time for cooking, but also when there is a need in a useful and healthy food.