Bearing wear and leakage of the coolant from the drain holes are the main defects of the pump VAZ-2115. Bearing wear can be identified by a distinctive howling sound. Repair water pump with such defects, as a rule, does not give the desired results, which is why it needs to be replaced in the collection.

Replacing the pump VAZ – 2115 is only on a cold engine. After the engine coolant must be drained into a suitable container the coolant by unscrewing the plug at the bottom of the radiator and on the engine block.


In order to change the pump on VAZ - 2115 you will need: wrenches, 10, 17 and 19, a screwdriver, a timing light. The latter is necessary to verify correct installation of the ignition.

Work order

First, you must disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Remove the protective cover of the timing belt and install the piston of the first cylinder at TDC of compression stroke. To do so, place a mark on the flywheel is opposite the cutout in the plate. In this case the marks on the camshaft pulley and the prong securing the cover must be the same.
After removing the toothed belt it is forbidden to turn the camshaft and crankshafts.

Now remove the tensioner pulley of the timing belt and the crankshaft pulley. When removing the latter, be careful not to lose the key that locks the pulley on the shaft. Next, remove the nut and the four bolts that secure the rear cover camshaft actuator. Now, take aside the back cover and gently remove the water pump by prising with a screwdriver behind the sprocket.

Install new pump in reverse order. Before installing it you need to check the tightness of the retainer screw bearing pump and if necessary pull it up. The number on the pump during installation should be directed upwards.

The pulley on the camshaft is set by the bulge to the engine. The key to not falling out of the slot, can be fixed with a small amount of thick grease. When the bolt is tightened to hold the pulley from turning using a large screwdriver or mounting paddle.

After installing toothed timing belt, it is necessary to check the quality of its installation. To do this a few times turn the crankshaft and try to put on labels. When correctly installed, all labels must be the same. If they do not match, reinstall the timing belt.
Do not overtighten the timing belt. This significantly reduces its service life.

Adjust the tension of timing belt and fill with coolant. Before pouring antifreeze do not forget to tighten the seat tube on the radiator and the engine block.

Start the engine and check the operation of the pump – no leaks of antifreeze must not be. On completion of all works, ensure proper installation of the ignition with a timing light.