What are the reasons for hot flashes in women?

The end of the reproductive period for women is marked by the onset of menopause. Its characteristic symptoms are irregular periods and hot flashes that occur as a feeling of intense heat in the upper part of the body. First, the blood rushes to the chest, then to face and neck. The skin while blush is either insignificant or too hard, depending on the characteristics of the organism.

The main cause of tides is the reaction of the pituitary gland to reduce estrogen and hormonal imbalance. This appendage of the brain accelerates the production of luteinizing hormone, and sudden emissions provoke an increase in body temperature. So there are tides.

According to medical statistics, it is subject to more than 50 % of women who entered into menopause. While slim women suffer from the tides much more often than full.

How to recognize hot flashes?

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating is a constant companion of tides. At any time the woman's forehead may be covered with drops of sweat and entire body to hydrate so that the clothes will be wet spots. At night perspiration increases so much that bed linen and nightgown becomes completely wet.

Worrying about this is not necessary, because sweating is for the body useful process that regulates the internal temperature of the body and removing harmful toxins. Much worse is the case with headaches, which do not give focus and cause negative emotions. The growing concern and anxiety have an impact on the appearance of women. Sad or frown lines and wrinkles are results of constant dull headaches.

Insomnia as a harbinger of the tidal forces a woman to Wake up in just a few seconds before the body lay a wave of heat. And now the discomfort behind, but the woman still can't sleep, turning from side to side. If in the morning early rise, to pursuing the feeling of weakness and fatigue associated problem of lack of sleep.

Folk remedies, relieves during menopause

At home you can prepare teas and drink them 2 – 3 times a day to improve well-being in the period of the tides. Effective recipes are:
1. grass Heather and motherwort, hop cones dry and cudweed are taken in equal proportions, are crushed and mixed. 15 g of the resulting collection pour a glass of boiling water and infused for 35 minutes. Ready means use 3 times a day for 100 ml.

2. Peppermint, lime blossom, grass wormwood, fennel and buckthorn olhovidnoy take 5 g and ground. 1 tablespoon of prepared Assembly is placed in a container, pour 200 ml of boiling water and cover for 40 minutes. After this time the infusion filter and take it in the morning and at night 100 ml.