Often it so happens that you met on vacation with a man who is so passionate about communicating that they forget to ask for the name, address and other data. It seems that you will be together forever and all these formalities that seem unnecessary. But then the veil of dreams falls down, and you understand what a nice experience you have just one picture. Do not worry and do not panic. You live in the era of the triumph of information technology, use all their power for their own benefit.
One of the most popular media program dedicated to finding peopleis "Wait for me". You can visit the official website of the project or send a regular letter by mail. In your request, describe in detail where, when and under what circumstances did you meet the person you're looking for. Provide as much accurate information, specific dates, places, rooming. And, of course, add a picture of someone you want to find.
The transfer of "Wait for me" watching thousands of people not only in Russia but also in other countries. Therefore, the probability to find a person with the help of this program very high. It is the experts working with the program "Wait for me", often find people having very poor data and one photo.
Also check on the website not looking for you. This can be done by sending a personal request (Fig.1). Enter your name and surname in the field "whether you are looking for and the system will display all the matching queries. It is possible that the person you're looking for, likewise looking for you.
The second effective way to find a person by the pictures on the Internet is a flash mob in social networks. Create a message, where is explained in detail in your story. Do not focus on a dry enumeration of facts and the emotional aspect. Complete your message with the phrase as follows: "to Help us to meet is you can! Send this message to friends, and loving hearts will find each other!" Be sure that people will not leave this story without attention and will spread it over a few days, that will facilitate your search.