Angina - an infectious disease, wherein the oral cavity inflamed tonsils. The doctor in the survey captures the child's enlarged tonsils. They become loose and become a Magenta tint, the language of the white plaque. Increases body temperature, increases and becomes painful submandibular and cervical lymph nodes.

Causes of sore throat

Most often angina sick children in autumn and winter. Poor nutrition, lack of fresh air weakens the immune system. Even minor hypothermia, cold feet, cold drink and ice cream can cause the development of the disease. Furthermore, angina is an infectious disease. It is able to spread by airborne droplets. The child may be infected by close contact with a sick person.

The treatment of angina

Falling sick, the baby starts to wallow, to sulk, his body felt General weakness, you may see vomiting and diarrhea. The body temperature rises dramatically.

To cure angina the two-year kid to begin to bring down the temperature using antipyretics for children, for example, suppositories with paracetamol. Before the introduction of candles, the child is desirable to clean the bowel with an enema.

Usually for the treatment of angina two years children prescribed different antibiotics, macrolides or local antibiotics, one of which is "Bioparox", but take it only if your child is over 2.5 years. In addition to antibiotics, very often doctors prescribe herbal remedies, vitamins ("Alphabet", "Centrum", "Multitabs") and antihistamines (Suprastin", "Effective", "Zyrtec").

The kid has an abundant and regular drink. Warm herbal tea of chamomile and calendula with honey, cranberry juice, compote of dried fruits is perfect for this.

Feed the baby should be warm, pureed, enough liquid food.

The basis of a quick recovery is bed rest, so the baby to bed and wrap. As you know, sleep is the best medicine.

A small child may not always complain that it hurts to swallow, so her parents take a sore throat for common cold. The wrong treatment can entail a number of complications, is able to subsequently acquire a chronic form. Therefore, as soon as there are clear signs of sore throat: sore throat, fever, weakness, should immediately consult a pediatrician and further treatment carried out only under his supervision, observing all the recommendations.