Causes of hair loss

Every day a person can fall to 100 hairs. Of course, you count the number of fallen hairs is very difficult. Therefore, prepare a small test. Take in hand a small bunch of unwashed curls, pulling on them. If you see in my hand more than five the rest of the hair, you have nothing to worry about. Note the tip of the thread, if you have noticed a dark bag – hair follicle, so you go bald. You primarily need to look for the cause.

Hair loss may be due to serious illnesses such as diabetes, pneumonia, STIs, anemia. It can also be a symptom of disorders of the thyroid gland, reproductive organs. Baldness can occur in women during menopause, pregnancy. In this case, you must pass tests for hormones.

Cause of hair loss may become deficient in any vitamins and minerals. For example, if the body has insufficient magnesium for normal operation, it will first affect the condition of the hair. In addition, you will rack insomnia, you experience a sharp pain in the chest, occur numbness of the limbs. If the body is deficient of zinc, in addition to pattern baldness you will notice the skin irritation, pimples.

If a man earnestly struggling with excess weight, using various diets, no wonder his hair is falling out along with bulbs. Together with toxins of different supplements for weight loss wash out of the body vitamins. If you want to lose weight, contact your dietitian.

Another cause of baldness can be improper hair care. For example, if you use styling products, to constantly expose your hair to high temperatures, to use as a coloring means cheap products, do not be surprise appearance of bald patches.

How to get rid of baldness

To stop hair loss, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause. To do this, contact a specialist. It is the doctor will help you restore the hair, by assigning drugs, and perhaps any treatments such as a scalp massage.

Slightly to slow down the hair loss can be and folk remedies. Daily RUB into the scalp the crushed seeds of parsley; rinse your head broth made from nettles; wash the head in wood ashes; massage into the head oil is preheated in a water bath; do a variety of masks, such as honey, onions and black rare.