Non-professional politicians can not be. Nonprofessionals are either propagandists or professional provocateurs. Statesmen politicians, too, cannot be. There's nothing you can do – these are the strict limits of the profession. Who can be a politician? Those who exercise the power to subordinate bodies and parties, or the one who fights for power.

"Politics is not the art of the possible; politics is the art of impossible," - Vaclav Havel.

"Veterans" of the Russian political life

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (born in 1946) is one of the world's oldest politicians. In General, it would speak for itself, if not one circumstance: once invented extravagant form of presentation of information dictates it to be one of the brightest and most odious politicians of permanent transition in the former Soviet space, regardless of age. The benefit from once and for all to put on a mask, this policy is a win-win: any of his statements and suggestions are either prophetic, or it may at any time to refuse them, citing a misunderstanding, no matter how fiercely he neither defended earlier.

Boris Nemtsov (1959) – is currently a Deputy of the Yaroslavl regional Duma of the sixth convocation. His political life is almost perfect for the present policy: with the UPS and downs, storms and calm, compromising and exposing its detractors. Was a Governor and Minister, he held posts in the office of the President and the security Council created the party, actively participating in the modern anti-Kremlin opposition.

"There is no reason to abandon the dinner with President Putin. But, on that occasion, it is necessary to ask him the tough questions." - Vaclav Havel.

Vladimir Ryzhkov (born in 1966) is a liberal and moderate politician. His career started at the age of twenty as the organizer of the perestroika rallies and outspoken opponent of the coup. He was Deputy of the State Duma. Since 2000, one of the first opposition to the existing government. In February 2014, left the party RPR PARNASSUS, one of the founders of which was.

Policy generation zero

Dmitry Gudkov (1980) – one of the youngest contemporary politicians and popular political blogger. Independent Deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation. He was elected from the party Fair Russia, but in March 2013 was expelled from the CP because of irreconcilable differences with the party holding Pro-government, not the opposition line. One of several a few opposition politicians in the Duma, consistently uphold the opinion of the educated strata of the Russian public in terms of the inadmissibility of the adoption of restrictive laws to curtail the constitutional rights of citizens.

Sergei Zheleznyak (born in 1970) – a lobbyist from the United Russia party. Refers rather to the kind of propaganda, because it systematically extends the arguments and information undisputed to members of the largest party in the Duma of the sixth convocation, but controversial in both legal and humanitarian points of view. Initiates laws imposing censorship on the Internet and the media. We must recognize that his massive influence on public opinion certainly brings the necessary party political gains.

"Modern man must descend to the bottom of the spiral of his own absurdity, only then can he look beyond it. It is impossible to bypass or jump, this cannot be easily avoided" - Vaclav Havel.

Alexey Navalny (born in 1976) is a popular blogger and opposition. One of the most outstanding persons of the modern Russian policy. The world's most famous fighter against Russian corruption, especially among officials and political activities in Russia, and the famous "politician-criminal". At the moment, against him initiated 8 criminal cases. Meanwhile, Navalny is the founder and leader of anti-corruption projects such as: "Painting", "Rosyama", "Roszhkh". Under a consequence and court in the summer of 2013 participated in the elections of the mayor of Moscow, which came in second place with about 28 percent of the votes of the total number of voters. 28 Feb 2014 the Ministry of justice has registered the Party of Progress, which he heads. Also known for the fact that his name never, under any circumstances, does not name the President of Russia.

"A statesman differs from a politician is that a politician looks to the next election and a statesman looks to the next generation" - Winston Churchill.

Mikhail Prokhorov (1965) – first of all, the billionaire businessman, is engaged in politics as a hobby. Despite this, he came into politics soon won both the supporters and ardent opponents. The founder of the party for the middle class and business, "Civic platform". He came into politics only in 2011, by March 2012, participating presidential election, took an honorable 3rd place in the Russian Federation and honorable 2-nd place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In December 2013, the reins of the party gave his sister Irina Prokhorova, at the time, having departed from active political activity.

It should be noted that to select a really bright and popular modern politicians is not easy. Not all those listed above are consistent with this profession at one hundred percent, without deviating in the neighboring region. Many of those whose names come to mind first when the phrase "the most famous Russian politician" - or are public figures or advocates, or disillusioned, said goodbye to politics forever, or they are dissidents, but position themselves not as politicians, but as public figures.