Who doesn't love looking at a starry sky? Large and small stars, as if watching from a height, it remains only to make wishes. How nice to think of a good under the starry sky! Better yet, to dream before going to sleep, looking at the stars – this is not necessarily to fall asleep in the open field.

You can arrange the starry sky on the ceiling of his room. This is a very quick and economical and will not require complex electronics, no need to mess with the installation of the Finance cost is also small.

How to make ceiling starry sky

In selling, you can often find sets composed of self-adhesive stars of different size, there may be added rockets, planets and the like elements. They can glow in the dark offline, extra lighting are required. For "recharging" them enough that the room will be for a while the lights turned on. Immediately after the light goes out, appears luminous effect.
The accumulation of energy for the illumination is very fast. Effect samolechenie enough usually for a few hours.

Sets of sprockets made from fluorescent PVC film, which back side is adhesive. There are options when both sides of the elements are the same, then the set contains pieces of special double-sided tape, which should be pasted on one side. The tape is attached to the back of the figures, after which they must be stronger to nail to the ceiling.

A luminous ceiling in the nursery

Particularly impressive glowing stars will look in the nursery. Products are completely safe, so it can be used anywhere, but the kids come in special delight from such a ceiling. Stars can be peeled off and change their location, create a sky map or just attach it as imagination.

To locate stars better closer to the source of light to the chandelier, for example. In the dark they look very unusual and beautiful – even the nightlight in the nursery is not required. Many children with stars much better you fall asleep and you can come up with a story about how the stars guard the sleep and send in this beautiful picture.
Children will be interesting and informative to help adults adhered veins can incidentally learn the structure of the Solar system and to practice in the drafting of the constellations.

The sky of stars with the luminous glow you can create a ceiling of any type – drywall, plaster, etc. by Day, glowing stars almost merge with the light ceiling, and the interior design special changes will not occur. Fans of 3D effects can stick stars on the ceiling and walls. The stars are perfectly attached to the wall, and painted the walls.