You will need
  • - a few cans of paint.
  • blue color;
  • - brush;
  • - cushion with a fleecy coat;
  • porous sponge;
  • Wallpaper with clouds;
  • - glue for Wallpaper.
The first thing you need to do is to decide on such a creative ceiling. It looks incredibly beautiful, but you need to consider whether the clouds on the ceiling to blend in with the rest of the interior.
Buy all the necessary materials in a specialized business Department or hardware store. First and foremost get the right amount of dye (based on total square footage of the ceiling). You will need white, blue and blue paint. Or you can just buy white paint and additionally take the blue color. Paint to use latex. Also buy brushes, rollers, and several replacement coats (for the cushion).
To begin, prepare the ceiling surface. Remove all contamination in the form of tenety, dirty or greasy spots.
Dilute the color in the white paint. If the ceiling is of large size, it is necessary in a large bowl and pour the white paint from several cans and then dilute it color. This is to ensure that the color turned out the same.
Then, fleecy roller to apply the paint the ceiling pale blue hue. Evenly distributing it across the surface. The ceiling is better to paint for two times.
After the blue paint dries, use a soft porous sponge with light tapping motions, apply the white paint (not over the entire surface of the ceiling, and places). Let it dry.
Rinse the sponge or take a new one. Dip the sponge into the paint blue and the same light tapping motion sometimes paint the ceiling. This will give it extra volume and texture.
Dry the ceiling, and carefully ventilate the room. Now you can enjoy their "home skies".
Instead of staining, you can glue the ceiling with Wallpaper. To do this, pick a Wallpaper with drawings of clouds. This method of turning the ceiling into the sky is easier to perform, but it is not as durable as the option of coloration. If you choose Wallpaper, then they should be fine (under its own weight does not fall off). The ceiling Wallpaper paste thick glue in the usual way.