Vitamins and minerals in grapefruit

Both types of grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, which is important for a healthy immune system. It helps to fight the symptoms of colds and flu, reduces the development of inflammatory processes in the body. Vitamin C is important in the fight against diseases such as asthma, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. One Cup pulp of grapefruit, both white and red contains up to 70 mg of vitamin C or 120% of recommended daily intake. Also, in both types of fruit have the same dose of potassium, vital for the cardiovascular system. The fundamental difference between white and red grapefruits is in vitamin A. red fruit it ten times more than white. Cup of white grapefruit provides about 2% of the recommended daily dose, and the red is about 50%. Vitamin a is important for vision, metabolism, it acts as an antioxidant, is responsible for the speedy healing of the skin and mucous membranes.
Buying any grapefruit, red or white, give preference to fruits that weight heavier than you look. Usually such fruit is the juiciest. Discard tapered fruits with a soft skin – they are stale.

In addition to these vitamins, both types of fruit contain almost the same doses of vitamins, such as thiamin, pyridoxine and Riboflavin, and calcium, copper and phosphorus.

Other nutrients and calories

Red grapefruit is much sweeter than white. This is not surprising, because the standard dose of purified pulp of the fruit with red flesh contains 1 gram of sugar more than the white. That is why red grapefruit and calorie. The same serving contains 97 calories, if the fruit is red and 76 calories, if they are white. But the white contain 1 gram less useful for the digestion of fiber. Fiber in grapefruit contains soluble fiber - pectin. Scientists have shown that it protects the mucosa of the colon and lowers cholesterol.
Grapefruits can be stored at room temperature for weeks in the fridge these fruits are stored for longer, but they gradually lose flavor and taste.

Proven red varieties contain more antioxidants and lycopene has anticancer properties, and fight free radicals.


Both red and white grapefruits contain enzymes interacting with certain drugs, increasing their absorption and, thus, significantly increasing their impact. This is especially true of drugs used to lower blood pressure and to treat certain diseases of the thyroid gland. So, if you are taking prescription drugs should consult if you eat grapefruit or drink its juice.