What can cause clicking of the jaw

If vchs is all right, the opening and closing of the mouth does not cause any problems. If the jaw begins to click, you need to contact the dentist to determine the cause and, if necessary, undergo treatment. Common reason for this phenomenon – subluxation of the jaw joint. This usually occurs due to the strong yawning or trying to bite off too big a piece.
Subluxation can happen while chewing hard food too.

Subluxation of the jaw, usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations, pain (sometimes strong), especially with a strong opening of the mouth, such as yawning.

Also a clicking jaw can indicate inflammation in the temporomandibular joint. Finally, the clicking of the jaw is the main symptom of dysfunction VPS. Differently, the disease is called a syndrome Costena. Because of this dysfunction of the jaw movement in the joints is uneven. First, it slightly deviates to the side (in the affected joint), and only after clicking mouth can open fully. Since the joint has no nerve endings, such dysfunction can be completely painless. But often, sore neck, ear, head. In some cases, the pain may "give" even in the back.

Sometimes a person suspects that the reason is dysfunction of the jaw joint, and trying to solve the problem by taking painkillers. But this gives only temporary relief, not a cure.
Jaw clicking can also be due to artificial crowns are not thoroughly selected, due to malocclusion. In this case, contact your doctor.

What to do if pain in the jaw

If the cause of subluxation, you can resort to folk remedies. Carefully open and close your mouth by moving the jaw to the side, to massage the damaged area, attach to it a warm heating pad. Generally, the clicking and the pain passes quickly.

In other cases, and, if these traditional methods of treatment do not help, and can even be dangerous to health, you need to go to the dentist. If necessary, you will be able to help a doctor more narrow specialization – gatalog concerned with treating disorders of occlusion. Be sure to take a picture, because only then a specialist will be able to accurately determine the cause of the clicking jaw.