Why pain in the jaw?

There are four main causes of clicks:

- transferred stressful situation or nervous tension;
- mechanical damage, trauma of the facial part;
- wrong treatment of diseases of the jaw;
- diseases of the mouth and throat: toothaches, sore throat, chronic tonsillitis.

In the official medicine, this condition is called dysfunctional-muscle pain-facial syndrome of the temporomandibular joint. They are sick more often middle-aged women. The clicking occurs because of displacement of a joint that allows moving your lower jaw. In the event of clicking the first time you try gently and slowly move your lower jaw from one side to the other side, also back and forth to take a painkiller and go to the nearest clinic.


To use the methods of folk medicine is contraindicated, especially to reduce jaw independently. All treatment should be under medical supervision. You need to apply first to the therapist, it will then send to the orthodontist, dentist, surgeon or any other doctor.

Therapy involves several stages.

Treatment of clicking jaw:

Conservative or medical treatment. Intake of drugs like in pill form and in injection form.
- Orthopedic treatment. The use of prosthetic and orthotic devices.
- Performed well as psychotherapeutic treatment. His goal is the elimination of unfavourable ambient stress, relieving emotional tension and achieving a relaxed state of the patient.
The use of electrophoresis, massage, UHF-therapy, phonophoresis, that all methods of physiotherapeutic treatment.
- Treatment of opportunistic diseases, accelerates the recovery process, and it means that you have to visit the doctor-the otolaryngologist, neurosurgeon, dentist.

The prevention of this disease is the intake of non-solid food, regular visits to a good dentist and quality dental treatment and prosthetics, the habit to refer to specialists about any injuries.

As a warm-up, you can periodically do exercises for the face. The lesson includes a variety of movements of the jaw:
- forward-backward, right-left;
- chewing motion;
- you stick out your tongue as far as possible;
- support the chin with his fist, causing a reaction.

Attentive to their health save as from the financial burden and loss of time in queues clinics.