Drops "Fenistil" successfully relieve the itch of dermatoses, eczema, rubella, measles and insect bites. For young children this drug is often prescribed as a prophylactic for possible allergic reactions before and after various vaccinations. In case of anaphylactic reaction and serum sickness is designated as auxiliary means.
But even this drug has some side effects and contraindications, it is not prescribed to patients with hypersensitivity, chronic lung diseases, and urogenital systems, closed glaucoma, is not recommended medication during pregnancy, especially in the first months, and during lactation.
The kids, ranging in age from 1 month to 1 year drops prescribed only under the supervision of a physician. Infants make "Core" - you can use the bottle with warm baby food before feeding add the drops in food. Children who are already able to eat with a spoon, serve the medicine in undiluted form, a tea spoon, since the drops have a rather pleasant taste. However, do not mix "Core" with hot drinks or food and do not expose to high temperature.
Taking drops, divide by 3 times, for a child from 1 month to 1 year are assigned from 10 to 30 drops for kids up to 3 years – 45 drops and children up to 12 years up to 60 drops "Fenistil". For children above 12 years and adults the dose is 6 mg, what used to 120 drops, that is, 40 drops 3 times per day. Patients who are prone to sleepiness, decrease morning and afternoon dose and evening, or Vice versa? increase.
The drug enhances the effect of sleeping medications and anxiolytics, if with him to take medication that contains ethanol, then the reaction rate will slow down, especially in patients whose activities are connected with the high concentration of attention, should not receive this drug.
Drops are available in bottle of dark color, the dispenser is equipped with a polyethylene and a polypropylene cap, are tamper-evident and instructions for use.