Medallions of salmon

The dish simply fits in a large festive meal, and will easily find a corner for a romantic table. It is done simply, and, it may be cooked on the eve of and put into the refrigerator, carefully obvernuv foil, and bake right before guests arrive.

For three servings you need to take the following products:

- 3 medallion, weighing 200 g;
- 3-4 medium-sized potatoes;
- refined olive oil;
- parsley;
- salt and pepper;
- 50 g of white table wine.

First, build yourself medallions by removing portions of fish a large pieces of spinal bone, then scoring with a knife, remove the Central bone, the tweezers pull out all the small bones from a piece. With a knife cut and peel off from the sides of the fish skin, but do not remove it completely. The pulp ends of the wrap toward the center to form a circle, while the free ends of the leather wrap the locket. So he not blossomed, tie it with cooking string around the perimeter. The same shape and the remaining two medallions.

Lay on the bottom of a deep baking dish baking paper, put back the medallions, sprinkle with spices and parsley, sprinkle with wine and add the butter. Potatoes without holes, rinse, dry, cut thin smooth slices or grate, not only clean the skin. Put a thin layer on the lockets, again season with salt, add the spices, pour the oil, put in the oven, pre-heated to a temperature of 180oC. Willingness to decide based on the color of baked fish and soft potatoes. Ready fish will acquire a smooth matte pink color.

Medallions of salmon in Cyprus

You will need:

- medallions of salmon (trout);
cream fat content of not less than 30 percent;
- sprigs of parsley;
- salt and spices;
- butter to smear the baking pan dishes;
- 1 lemon.

On a baking sheet with high sides or in a deep pan put the slices of fish on top of each carefully place a slice of lemon. Pour the cream so that they don't just cover the fish pieces, and a centimeter is higher than the surface of the medallions, add salt and pepper, herbs, bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes or half an hour. Remove, garnish with parsley, pour milk sauce, resulting in a capacity where he made medallions. To the table serve them with any of the garnishes: cooked, crisp rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables.