Group interview - how to prepare for it?

To prepare for the group interview, to more carefully, than to the individual. To pass it successfully, will not only have to correctly answer questions of the employer, but to do it faster than other competitors. This means that time for reflection is almost negligible. To avoid a hitch, in advance, at home, to think of answers to questions that may be asked.

Most often in the group interviews they relate exclusively to the professional activities. Unlike individual meetings with HR managers, there are questions regarding the hobby, the presence of a driver's license, etc. On interviews conducted with several applicants, sets specific tasks to be performed better and faster than others. It is therefore imperative to study the company profile and prepare for complex issues.
Don't be late for an interview, but did not come much earlier. The optimal time is three to five minutes before the start. This will make it clear to employers that you know how to appreciate their own and their time.

Do not forget about the appearance, it is also very important. Among the candidates, dressed in business suits, people in regular clothes will look unprofitable. The employer will immediately note that other more responsible attitude to the interview.

How to behave in the group interview

In the interview, conducted jointly with other candidates, you need to behave actively and confidently. Employers will certainly notice it. The problem, you can ask clarifying questions. It'll show you, first, are interested in its best performance, and secondly, understand what it was about, and what points can be controversial, and require more specifics. Don't be afraid to seem inexperienced. On the contrary, the more professional an employee is, the more precise the task, he asks to put. Only then has the opportunity to do exactly what requires a leader, and not to be distracted by the third-party issues.
Prepare a notebook or organizer, and take it to the interview. If you will record the tasks of the interviewers, you will immediately grow in their eyes.

In the group interview you need to make it clear to employers that you are a professional and know how to work in a team. Therefore, to argue with other candidates is not necessary. If you do not agree with them, listen, and then offer their solution. And let the interviewer decide which approach is most accurate and professional.

Keep calm, do not be distracted from the topic. If you are a professional, you do not need to kowtow to the employer, all of your knowledge and skills will be beautifully displayed during the interview.