Enormous territory, Russia has never had good roads and abused at all times, pointing them to the dirt and habitot, confusion and repeated turning.

Tradition road

In contrast to the uneven and muddy roads consciousness gave rise to the image of the tablecloth which the good housewife was clean, aprendeu. I must say that a dear guest for the uncovered table to plant was not accepted, it is a sign of disrespect, tablecloth covered the table and in religious holidays. Certainly the very presence of a white tablecloth in the house was a sign of prosperity.

Few people remember, but originally the expression sounds like "damask road, buddy." Damask – means "silk, smooth as silk", and in ancient times this material was very expensive and the stitching of the tablecloth of it could only be the very rich and noble men, but the fame of their smooth and shiny tablecloths went all over the country, and therefore was born the expression.
Over time, overseas, the word was replaced by the usual "tablecloth" and familiarly as "old" escaped altogether.

So when people gathered in the street, he heard the phrase "good riddance", so he wanted a good way, such as smooth as a tablecloth on the table.

Wedding tradition

In old Russia the same phrase explained another way. When the bride pulled a tablecloth with a festive table, it thus wanted their sisters a good marriage, that is to be pulled down the aisle behind her. But later this expression has taken a different meaning and has become completely opposite of the previous version. If before such phrases meant well, then began to pronounce the expression with undisguised irony.

When people heard "good riddance", it could be regarded as undisguised hostility, that is considered is as: "go away and you will be fine." Regarded this phrase as a wish that man would get away.
Remember that different interpretations of this phrase has a completely different meaning. Use it in appropriate situations, not to be not understood.

It turns out that originally this phrase was a positive color, and then was used as a swear expression. But it is worth noting that "good riddance" is used in modern language Rev, when a person is escorted in the road and wish them a happy journey.