Objective reasons for sweating

Methods of dealing with sweating directly depend on the source of the problem, whether
- hormonal disturbances associated with serious thyroid disease,
- diabetes
- puberty and pregnancy, there are situations that require intervention of a physician,
psychological disorders causing wetting of the palms, feet and face,
genetic factors that convey this "disease" inherited,
- drug-related violation of the bowel caused by prolonged use of antibiotics.

Methods of struggle

If after each exciting situation you have wet back, arms or nasolabial triangle, you may want to consult a specialist for neuroses.
In the case of hyperhidrosis nervous, you can resort to the adoption of a depressant or mild infusions of soothing herbs.

From the standpoint of cosmetology, a quick effect can be obtained from the use of drying lotions, face powder talc or zinc based. Stop my sweating for a few months can help a Botox injection in the literal and figurative sense, plugging the sweat glands and blocks the excretion of fluids.

Hyperhidrosis associated with genetics, as a rule, goes from mom or dad. This problem is usually not amenable to effective medical treatment and does not depend on methods of personal hygiene, the only effective remedy is frequent showering, wearing clothes and shoes made from natural materials that do not prevent water exchange with the environment.


In the General case the suppression of the sweating is in the individual selection antiperspirant or medicated bath-based decoction of chamomile, oak, nettle, white willow or sea salt. Folk medicine recommends decoctions of oak bark and a Bay leaf added to baths as an effective way of dealing with sweaty feet. Professional cosmetology also offers various wraps, buckwheat, salt peeling or a stay in a special oxygen chamber.

The most drastic ways of dealing with sweating is surgery and medication on the basis of formaldehyde and other means aimed at blocking the natural processes of the body.

If your inconvenience you are the owner of sweating, use simple rules of personal hygiene associated with frequent changes of clothing, which should not be too tight, underwear, socks and tights. Try to get rid of unwanted hairs in problem areas, are addicted to frequent soul-making and marine aromas, which can smooth out the unpleasant smell exhaled by the body. Adjust your diet, eliminating alcohol, horseradish, mustard and other spices.