You will need
  • - waste water;
  • plastic bags;
  • - sponge;
  • - the pallet;
  • - fetr;
  • bint.
The main problem facing the gardener-Amateur, who is leaving for a long time out of the house, associated with the impossibility to ensure regular watering of plants. To flowers could comfortably survive this period, they provide a source of moisture. To do this, you will have to buy a lot of settled water. Can use drinking water, if it does not contain excessive amounts of mineral salts.
Pour the settled water in any suitable container and place the pots so that the water reached the edge of the pot. Keep the plants in water for forty minutes.
Extracted from the water flower pots Packed in a plastic bag so that the package is closed the pot and soil. Secure the polyethylene tape and put the plants in a little more shaded than usual. This method is good for flowers, not suffering from a waterlogged root system. For succulents like the jade he will not do.
If you are going away for a long time, to help the plants will damp sponge. Wet the sponge in the waste water and put it in a pot. Pack the pot with a sponge in a plastic bag to reduce evaporation.
Many gardeners use makeshift devices for capillary irrigation of plants. To make such a device for their flowers, take a wide pan with low sides. On the bottom of the pan lay a layer of felt or cloth. A thick towel is also quite suitable for this purpose.
The edge of the cloth put in a container with aged water and put the cloth pots. A container of water placed so that the bottoms of pots were on the same level with the surface of the water. In order for this method of automatic irrigation worked, the pots should be drainage holes.
Automatic watering can be ensured by means of the harness, twisted out of bandages. In order to do this, fold the bandage in a few times and turn him from the harness. One end of harness down in a jar of water pooled, a second end put in the pot with the plant. However, the thickness of the harness and position the water tank in this case it is better to choose empirically several days before departure.