Pump station: installation instructions

If a country house or cottage is designed for permanent residence, the pumping station becomes one of the best solutions. Such automated injection system and water supply in most cases allows you to completely remove the problem of water supply. Most commercially available pumping stations are compact and easy to maintain.

To set the station in the basement of the structure will need to drill a well, the length of which is determined by the depth of the aquifer and may reach one to two dozen meters. Thereafter, the wellbore is placed a pipe made of polyvinyl chloride, whose diameter is selected based on the type of pump station.
The lower end of the pipe supplying water strainer. In the upper part of the mount fitting to attach the pump.

If you have to provide water to several points remote from each other, you will also need to do the arrangement of metal pipes. There are limitations to the working conditions of the pumping station. In the room where it is installed, temperature should not fall below zero. And, of course, can not do without a conventional electric outlet.

The principle of operation of the pumping station

Station for the injection of water includes a pump, pressure switch, pressure gauge and pressure tank (holding tank). The scheme of the pumping station is quite simple. When you open the faucet, the water under pressure begins to flow from the storage tank. At some point the pressure is reduced to the minimum possible level. Relay, which includes a pump station. The pump takes water from the well.

If the valve is open for a long period of time, the station will continuously pump water. If you now close the valve, the water flows into a storage tank. The pressure in the tank it increases. When the liquid level reaches a threshold level, the relay automatically disconnects the power supply.
The pump station goes into a standby mode, ready at any moment to re-engage when you open the faucet.

Such a technical system is the fact that almost don't require human intervention. Only periodically it is important to carry out prevention device, in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. The most important point – installation and connection of the unit. If at this stage all the requirements of the user, pump station regularly serve more than one year.