Decide what talents the child you would like to develop in the school theater-Studio "fidget". Children from four years are accepted in the group to study in three areas: acting, dance and music. To get to any of the groups, it is necessary that the child was casting. Remember that the casting of the parents is not allowed, so prepare the child for independent performance. To audition bring a change of shoes and comfortable clothes in which the child will be able to move freely.
Learn with your child an excerpt from a fable or poem, for performance at the casting for the selection of candidates at the actors group theater Neposedy. In addition to performance of homework a child will have to do a small job of the examiners to demonstrate his acting talent.
Prepare for listening, if you decide to get into the group of musical training. The child will undergo special tests to identify the musical ear, to sing a song to the soundtrack or demonstrate a Capella singing. Work out at home with the child, nastukivaya or nakladyvaya tune, as in the program of the audition is to check the rhythm, the examiner will offer to repeat a given motif.
Sign up for an audition for children in the dance group. The examiners will ask the child to dance to the music, it can be a modern song or classical composition. In addition to the dance the child will be offered stretching exercises and plastic.
Contact group of early musical development, if your baby is still small and may not participate in the casting. In this group we accept children from eighteen months to three years. To record track information about recruitment on the website or call 495-991-91-94.