Why is a child a stomach ache?

Pain in the abdomen is a common disease in children and adults. Pain can be of different nature: dull, sharp, shooting, aching and burning. This complaint should not be approached lightly.
To determine which has a stomach ache, proceeding from the place of pain and a sensation.

Determination of the nature of pain

In order to properly find the cause and immediately start treatment, you need proper self-examination. If the child is small, he needs to help. The first thing the kid has to lie back, relax and listen to pain. Try slowly and carefully with your fingers to find the places that cause the child the most severe pain, the little guy needs you to tell. Making a mild clicking in the field, you need to determine what kind of pain is present in the stomach of your child. Perhaps the disease will be accompanied by the following symptoms: fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Even the pain may worsen when walking or bending.
These factors will also help in establishing a correct diagnosis.

Wonderful if parents remember, then it came pain: after exercising, eating, or suddenly. These data will help the doctor in making certain findings and prescribing.

Abdominal pain and possible diagnosis

Some children discomfort in the stomach starts after eating a heavy meal.

The reason for colic can be a stressful condition of the child, it is also possible the presence of gut inflammation. Another kind of pain is possible with the accumulation of large amounts of gas.

Acute pain is very dangerous, it may be due to the following diseases: pancreatitis, peritonitis and appendicitis. And the cause of frequent sharp pains in abdomen can be stomach ulcers, gall stones, pancreatitis, and purulent inflammation. Usually, this pain suggesting inflammation in organs located in the abdominal cavity.

Frequent, powerful and erratic pain (may appear and then disappear) talking about infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

You must remember that the pain in the abdomen of the child may be quite harmless, and Herald a serious illness. Shouldn't be treated carelessly even by the usual weak sharp pains. If one or the other the pain of serious concern, you should immediately go to the doctor. The body always sends signals about diseases, it is only necessary to ignore them, and listen carefully.