What components of the beer cause allergies?

Beer is a drink whose main components are yeast, hops and barley malt. An allergic reaction can manifest as one ingredient, and all at once, depending upon the individual characteristics of the organism.

The brewing process takes place with the soaking malt, which is necessary for seed germination and turning them into sugar. Therefore, people who are allergic to pollen, it may be a reaction to the barley malt.

Hops, without which the taste of beer would not have a hint of bitterness, also can cause allergies. And there it is those people whose organism is sensitive to this plant.
Sometimes, Allergy to beer can be a symptom of diseases of organs and systems of the human body. If allergic reactions are observed after each use beer, it must undergo a thorough examination.

Yeast is an important component in brewing, used for the production of alcoholic components. If a person is suffering from allergies to yeast after eating certain foods, it means he is undesirable and drink beer.

In the composition of the cheap varieties of the beverage usually contains a variety of additives necessary to improve the color and taste. And colors, preservatives, flavors can also develop allergic reactions.

How to recognize an Allergy to beer?

Reaction to barley malt manifested by symptoms such as dizziness and tingling of the face, hives on body, swelling of the lips and tongue, coughing, discomfort in the chest.

Hop in addition to hives can cause rhinitis, conjunctivitis and bronchial asthma. At yeast the body reacts skin rash, heartburn, nasal congestion and sneezing, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Some people drinking beer can cause increase in blood pressure, palpitations and even shortness of breath.

If a person had not previously observed allergic reactions, but after a beer the skin is slightly reddened, a stuffy nose, it may be associated with the usual expansion of vessels and acceleration of blood flow. Many people this phenomenon is observed after consumption of any alcoholic beverage.
Replace "present" for non-alcoholic beer should not be, because even a single episode of Allergy puts a ban on further use of any variety and type.

Treatable Allergy to beer?

To get rid of Allergy to beer can only be a complete rejection of its use. If you continue to drink it, and further, each subsequent reaction will manifest itself more severely and for a long time.

Allergic reaction to beer at the time of the manifestation are different – from several minutes, when the person is not able to understand what happened, to several hours, causing a real threat to the life of a beer lover.

Gone is allergic, if the beer is to drink less? No, because the body through some signs have already shown that to fully digest the beer is beyond him.

If you have any allergic reactions to beer, it is possible that they can be repeated after drinking kvass or champagne. The ingredients in these drinks is the same.