Proper washing will help you maintain perfect skin condition and make further treatment more effective. It used to be to have a bath, enough water and soap. Estheticians with great caution apply to the use of soap to cleanse the skin, and the water is not so simple.

Water for washing

Hot water helps skin pores to open up. It would seem, is good, but after a hot wash, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes more sensitive to temperature changes. Besides, expanding not only the pores but also the small blood vessels – capillaries, and thus the face will look red and unhealthy.

Cold water, in contrast, has beneficial effects on skin tone, helps to narrow pores, the skin after cold treatments looks smoother and more toned. But cold water has a drawback: it's water low temperature, easy to dry up the skin, and it will cause peeling.
Cold wash, you can only advise owners of oily skin, but they should not get involved.

For optimal washing, the temperature of the water close to room. In addition, it is better to take water soft. If the water is too hard, it can be mitigated in several ways:

- boil and allow to settle,
- add ½ teaspoon of baking soda or borax per liter of water.

Dry sensitive skin

The owners of this skin is a good idea to replace the usual water for washing herbal decoctions. Perfect chamomile, sage, horsetail, Linden blossom.

Instead of soap is good to use wheat or almond bran. They gently cleanse the skin and nourish it at the same time. Bran can be replaced with ground oatmeal, scalded and crushed kernels of almonds
Almonds can be replaced with kernels of apricot pits.
or broth of wheat grains.

Oily skin

Owners of such skin is better to use for washing, the following mixture:
- ½ Cup water
- 20 grams of powdered soap
- 1 tablespoon of camphor alcohol and glycerin
- 1 teaspoon of boric acid.

The mixture was thoroughly mixed and stored in the refrigerator. 5 minutes before washing it should be applied on face as a cream, and then rinse with water.

The pigmentation on the skin

If the girl is a problem, you can try to wash with sour milk kefir or serum – these products bleach the skin gently and nourish it. In addition, washing with serum will help to remove the redness on the skin and will protect it from the aggressive effects of the sun.

Lost tone skin

To restore skin elasticity helps salted water. Enough to take ½ teaspoon of sea salt per liter of liquid. Well tone as icy washing. Enough to wipe the face with ice. Cosmetic ice you can prepare yourself by freezing the broth, parsley, chamomile, peppermint or fruit juices.