HIV – rupture or continuation of the relationship?

What to do and how to react if you learned that your friend tested positive for HIV? This complex situation will require courage and effort. Nobody has the right to judge you if you decide to stop or reduce communication with her. Well think of everything through and make the right decision.

If you really like the girl and want to stay with her, you must keep it surrounding you with love and care. Try to understand what line of conduct more acceptable. If a friend needs a shoulder to cry on – be this vest. If she thinks she's the steadfast tin soldier, stay with her.

Most importantly – the support of a loved one, helping to overcome the pessimistic mood and panic. You need to set the girl to jointly overcome the state of alienation from the surrounding world and help to learn more about this disease.
If the person only has an infection, the symptoms of the disease as such can occur only after 5-25 years.

Survey and precautions

When visiting the counseling center AIDS could also be an anonymous survey, because sometimes the analysis is a false positive. Consultations with doctors and meet with HIV-positive people will help to learn how to live fully and to deal with difficulties. The observance of safety measures will allow to lead a normal life and not be afraid of a simple cold.

HIV infection is almost impossible when you cough and sneeze, hugs and kisses, shaking hands and eating the common meal when you visit the pool and saunas. The most common way of disease transmission – sexual. To pursue sex and HIV infection. But let's say only safe sex (with a condom), which should be the rule!
It is important to know that HIV has only three ways of transmission: through blood, unprotected sexual contact and from mother to infant.

Life does not end

Yes, this disease is still incurable, but scientists around the world are actively engaged in the search for effective drugs. Many of them significantly prolong life and improve health. HIV is not a death sentence, many people live with him for many years and give birth to healthy babies. Some people with the diagnosis manage to live better than others. Don't lose hope and try their warm attitude and optimism charge friend!