The rules of vaccination

как сделать приввивку сабаки

Doctors, veterinarians recommend that pet owners follow three very important organizational rules.

The first includes the healthy condition of your pet. Only such an animal should get the necessary injection, which, in essence, is the introduction into the body more attenuated strain infection. The vet, which led to the animal for vaccination must ask the owner whether the dog eats, what is the status of the chair as well as to measure the temperature of the animal.

Do not think that if your dog goes outside, its body cannot be prone to infections. Because the disease is easy to bring into the house in street shoes or clothes.

The second rule – the preparatory procedures designed to rid the animal from internal and external parasites. It ticks, fleas, Vlady, and various worms and others. The animal should be completely free from parasites for 1-2 week before the expected vaccination that can confirm the laboratory stool.

Third, for females, potentially ready to stud in the next few months (1 to 2). Vaccination during mating may affect the health of future offspring.

Vaccination schedule dogs

прививки надо делать собаке ежегодно

Veterinarians recommend doing the first vaccination of a pet is already 8-9 weeks of age. Then, at 12-14 week, you need to conduct a re-vaccination for dogs.

Re-vaccination can not be done before 12 weeks, because, otherwise, the development of immunity and protection from infection can be stopped due to the large content in the blood of antibodies the puppy received from its mother's milk.

We must not forget that within 10-14 days after vaccination, you need to very seriously observe the health of the puppy. The fact is that the body is weakened and susceptible to potential contamination. That is, do not think that an hour after the vaccination, you can safely run outside, where the dog does not "catch" something bad. Doctors also do not recommend bathing just vaccinated puppy.

Further vaccination should be repeated a year later and then every 12 months dogs.

Separately carried out vaccination of dogs against rabies. The first vaccination should be done at age 12-14 weeks, together with the principal, and then repeated after 12 months and every year.

Vaccination against rabies is also a big stress to the body of the animal. Therefore, we should not forget that in the period from a half to two weeks past her, the animal should be restricted in terms of physical load, duration of walks and by no means do not SuperCool (invalid swimming or walking at low temperatures).