1. Naruto

The main characters of the series, no doubt included in the top best, is a young ninja who just graduated from a special school. As a kind of identity, the Academy graduates wear a special bandage. Naruto Uzumaki dreams of becoming the most famous ninja. He and his friends perform various tasks, fall into all kinds of stories, find new friends, and enemies.
The anime series Hayato date, "Naruto" was created based on the manga by Masashi Kishimoto. Many different ages of readers raved about this manga.

2. Death note

The plot of the series, Tetsuro Araki "death note" also went to the manga. This mysterious picture was, without exaggeration, a cult classic among fans of the genre. In the hands of its main character – the pupil of the light gets a mysterious notebook. It is sufficient to write in the name of the man that he killed. Light is easy and can easily get rid of all your enemies and ill-wishers – as well as from all who are considered bad people. But then he was faced with an ethical issue: does the benefit to some people murder others?

3. Ghost in the shell: stand alone

The heroes of this anime is the mysterious Ninth employees of the Department who are engaged in the resolution of international crises and investigate mysterious incidents.

4. Fullmetal alchemist

Fellow alchemists, Alphonse and Edward broke the chief alchemical ban: they tried to resurrect their dead mother. As punishment, one of the brothers was deprived of his physical body and encased in a metal armor. Another, deprived of arms and legs, used in place of metal prostheses.

5. Elven song

Despite its name, the series is not about elves. His main character Lucy is a genetically engineered creature who managed with the help of a number of murders to escape from the detention centre, where they study such as she is. Lost memory of Lucy looks like a teenager – her issue is that the horns on the head.
The series "Elven song", full of violence and romance, as one of the most shocking in the history of anime.

6. Gintama

The characters of the series – a group of young people – "artists" who carry weapons, contrary to the prohibition of Land grabbing aliens and even know how to use it.

7. One Piece

Monkey Luffy, a young pirate who dreams of finding a mysterious artifact, the legendary pirate king Gold Roger one piece.

8. Gate Of Steiner

The group of young scientists have managed to create a time machine.

9. Helsing

The secret organization "Helsing" is engaged in a struggle with vampires, werewolves and any other undead.

10. Abandoned rabbit

Daykiti, Kawachi, arriving at the funeral of his grandfather, learns that he was a little bastard of a daughter. So Daykiti becomes the guardian of your own aunt.